May 31, 2023

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Symptoms to take into account when confronting the social cycle of delta variation in New Guan

The social circulation of the delta type was confirmed in New Guan yesterday. Of the three individuals affected by this strain, no association of infection could be identified. They estimate that this variation is in circulation at 17% and expect the development of positive cases due to higher epidemics, especially in the delta. That is why They urge you to pay attention to the symptoms and get tested quickly to stop the chain of possible infections.

The delta variant is one that the World Health Organization has classified as a concern, and it is one of the most prevalent in the world. Until now, New Guan has not been found to enter the strain. Recent sequencing analyzes, however, identified four cases of randomly taken samples, one of which settled in Rio Negro, but the epidemiological investigation of the remaining three could not detect the infectious nexus. So yesterday The social cycle of diversity in the province was announced.

This is a variant that is more contagious than is known so far. Like that An increase in the number of victims is expected. Although concentration was not expected in intensive care. First, delta is not characterized by leading to more severe forms of the disease, but by the great improvement in the vaccine experienced by Nguyen. 61% of the total population already has both doses of one vaccine.

Adelaide Goldman, co-director of Newquen Provincial Hospital, warned in a statement on the Vos A Diario de show today. RN Radio (89.3), due to the improvement of the vaccine, those affected by the delta variant will not experience severe symptoms. And because of that He recommended testing before the first symptoms appeared to avoid infection.

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In the same way, Health Minister Andrea Beav spoke yesterday, especially about the need for a quick sweep Distinguish between potential Covit-19 allergensOther common respiratory conditions of the year.

Important warning signs Loss of smell and / or change in sense of taste. But the appearance of the following two or more symptoms should also attract attention: body temperature of 37.5 or higher; Cough; throat pain; Myalgia (muscle pain); Mild headache, migraine or general malaise; Diarrhea or vomiting; wheezing; And rhinitis or nasal congestion.