May 30, 2023

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Summer at Punta del Este: Gradually, everything you need to know to cross the border

After nearly two years of waiting and many speculations, Punta del Este Introduces red carpet for return of Argentine and Brazilian tourists Its new summer season. With traffic lights Ruled on the peninsula and was a people’s movement anointed by Jose Ignacio, Uruguayan Spa reopens its doors in accordance with the terms of an epidemic version. A) Yes, Crossing the border means fulfilling a sequence of unavoidable requirements.

The government of Luis Lacalle Pou established a list of requirements for entry into Uruguay by air, boat or car, which was sufficient reason to expel distracted tourists from the ports of Buenos Aires.

All East Coast vacationers must be accredited Complete vaccination certificate – not more than 9 months and not less than 14 days from the last application-, a The corona was tested within 72 hours of travel And a Medical insurance This includes coverage against Govt-19.

Only these elements can make progress Mandatory confession to Uruguay, Must be completed within 48 hours of crossing the border. Under Section 239 of the Uruguayan Penal Code, anyone who provides false information is liable to imprisonment for a term of three to 24 months.

Prior to initiation, the traveler must have a complete immunization certificate, with negative impact on the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus (by molecular biological technique PCR-RT or diagnostic techniques approved by the Ministry of Public Health) and health insurance data.

The Buquebus terminal is packed with tourists Gerardo Vierkovich

1) Complete personal information. In the first part of the affidavit, all the data related to the personal information of the passenger should be provided.

2) Complete travel information. Provide details of Uruguay trip and entry date, days you will spend in Uruguay region and address where you will be staying.

3) Complete health information. Tourists must submit details of their vaccination program and attach a copy of the certificate authorizing this data. This is the case where the negative result of the corona virus test and the medical insurance data have to be linked (including the policy number, phone number and contact email of the insurance company).

The process of loading documents is very easy to solve by computer. Thus, after the submission of all the required documents, the official website will be createdn The document will be converted into a PDF format magic letter for crossing the border.

The Argentine government, for its part, must submit an affidavit to leave the national territory. In short, This is the traveler’s authorization for possibilities such as suspending or reducing permissions and permits to enter national borders. And accepting that it is impossible to begin journeys with symptoms compatible with the corona virus.

It concludes a two-part document. The first will lead to a receipt Email Migration can only complete the PDF creation process after providing personal contact information.

Upon return to Argentina, government officials require a slightly more extensive version of the affidavit, which must be submitted with the PCR test, which gives a negative result 72 hours prior to shipment.

In the parking lot of Punta Shopping, PCR can be accessed
In the parking lot of Punta Shopping, PCR can be accessedSantiago Hoford – LA NACION

At the Uruguayan Spa It is not possible to access the free corona test. The Covit-19 choices are valued at US $ 70 (quoted at 14,000 pesos, equivalent dollars, or 12,387 pesos, equivalent to dollars) and US $ 130 (26,000 pesos, quoted at equivalent dollars, quoted at 23,005 pesos).

There is also a chain of labs and pharmacies that work with trial offers More health, தி San Fernando Clinic (There is a test tent at Punta Shopping) GENIA Laboratory (Home inspection), ATGen (They also provide home inspection) ROIG Lab.

It is recommended to schedule a shift 24 or 36 hours in advance to ensure timely results and to avoid the discomfort of racing against the clock.

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