March 26, 2023

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Step by step: These are the new health requirements for entering Brazil

One shows the certificate of vaccination against Govt-19

The government of Jair Bolzano released a new measure this Monday that imposes a continuing requirement on nationals and foreigners to cross the Brazilian border.

The measure, which went into effect on December 20, is in line with the Federal High Court’s ruling that all travelers coming to Brazil from abroad must have a vaccinated passport. According to the document, visitors to the country must show the printed or electronic certificate of vaccination to the airline responsible for the flight before boarding.

Size should be Vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), By the Brazilian National Institutes of Health (ANVISA) or the authorities of the country where the traveler was vaccinated, “Last dose or single dose whose application occurred at least 14 days before the export date”, As published in the measurement.

Requirements for entry by air

Before climbing, Passengers must submit to the airline responsible for the flight a document proving that a test was performed to detect a corona virus infection or antigen test, the result of which must be negative, Performed within twenty-four (24) hours before export, or laboratory RT-PCR, performed within seventy-two (72) hours before export.

If the flight requires attachments or stops, in which case passengers must be in a restricted area of ​​the airport, the aforementioned deadlines for boarding the first stage of the flight will be considered.

During connections or stops, if passengers do not need to relocate to a restricted area of ​​the airport, the antigen should be applied seventy-two (72) hours or twenty-four (24) hours after the completion of the RT-PCR test, before departure to Brazil, Covit-19. New test, RT-PCR or document proving antigen efficacy must be submitted with a negative result “.

If planes are connected and passengers have to leave the area in traffic, a new test must be performed
If planes are connected and passengers have to leave the area in traffic, a new test must be performed

What elseBefore boarding, passengers must submit a completed Form of Health Proclamation (DSV) to the airline responsible for the flight, either printed or electronically., Within a maximum of twenty-four (24) hours prior to taking the flight to Brazil, in which you declare that you agree with the health measures to be followed during your stay in the country.

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In addition, Before boarding, you must certify to the airline in charge of the aircraft that you have been vaccinated, either in printed or electronic, approved doses of the approved vaccine or in a single dose. By the Brazilian National Health Monitor (Anvisa) or the World Health Organization (WHO) or the authorities of the country where the passenger was staying. The last dose or single dose should be prepared at least fourteen (14) days before the date of flight.

Who should not issue a vaccination certificate

There are some exceptions on the part of the Brazilian government, which will exempt certain travelers from being issued an immunization certificate. Some of them have contraindications to the vaccine, Until certified by medical report.

Even For those who are not of vaccinating age, the vaccine is given. According to criteria defined by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. What else, Certification is not mandatory for those entering for humanitarian reasons Or may come from countries with low vaccine coverage published by the Brazilian Ministry of Health and published on the Ministry’s website.

A child is vaccinated against Govt-19
A child is vaccinated against Govt-19

Finally, Brazilian citizens and foreigners residing in the territory of Brazil who have not been fully vaccinated are beyond the scope of the action.

It is important to highlight that, Passengers exempted from issuing a vaccination certificate must be isolated for fourteen (14) days upon entering Brazilian territory. In the city of the final destination and at the address registered in the Passenger Health Declaration (DSV).

If the traveler presents a negative result of an RT-PCR test or antigen test performed on the fifth day after the start of the isolation, this isolation may be interrupted until the traveler shows no symptoms. Corona virus.

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Brazilians and foreigners residing in Brazil, who left the country before December 14 of the current year, are exempt from presenting proof of vaccination or isolation.. However, according to the drawbacks described above, they should give a negative result of PCR or antigen test.

Countries where flights are suspended

Over the past fourteen (14) days, the Brazilian government has suspended the entry of foreign travelers traveling to the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Botswana, the Kingdom of Ezwatini, the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Republic of Namibia and the Republic. Zimbabwe

A woman walks with several suitcases in a trolley at the airport terminal
A woman walks with several suitcases in a trolley at the airport terminal

Foreigners may be permanent residents of the Brazilian territory, either permanently or indefinitely, whether they are Brazilian spouses, partners, children, parents or guardians.

Requirements for entry by land

To enter the Brazilian border by land would require the same operations by air, i.e. Vaccine certification, printed or digitally, with quantities or single doses of approved vaccines By the Brazilian National Health Monitoring Agency (ANVISA) or the World Health Organization (WHO) or the authorities of the country where the traveler was, during the same periods revealed above.

Vaccination certificates must be issued to those responsible for international passenger transport services by road and rail.

Crossing the border between Uruguay and Brazil
Crossing the border between Uruguay and Brazil

This measure provides the same exceptions for the issuance of a vaccination certificate to persons indicated in the requirements for boarding the aircraft.

Water entry requirements

When entering Brazil by waterways or sea routes, The government has authorized the transportation of Brazilian or foreign travelers, especially by sea, within the jurisdiction of the country.

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Recognition of this action, subject to an earlier version of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, requires companies to anticipate epidemiological situations such as the Covit-19 eruptions on ships and the conditions for compliance with passenger isolation.

“The operation of vessels with passenger transport in national ports is subject to the publication of an action plan aimed at the municipality and the state, which establishes conditions for the health care and local execution of passengers landing in their territories. Active epidemiological surveillance.”, It can be read in scale.

A company cruise ship was stopped
A company cruise ship was stopped

“The health conditions for the disembarkation and disembarkation of passengers and crew on ships off the territorial waters of Brazil, including foreign personnel and non-passengers from another country, shall be defined in a specific law of the National Health Monitoring System.”, Adds documentation.

It is important to highlight the action taken by the Brazilian government in the final consideration. “Vaccine vouchers will not be accepted, in which case the data provided in the sections will only be available in QR code format Or in any other symbolic language ”. Not only that but they have pointed out Or they “will not accept COVID-19 recovery certificates in lieu of proof of full vaccination.”

Finally, the documents required for the operation and issued abroad must be submitted in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

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