May 31, 2023

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Statements by the key witness and Milman, two unknowns clashing in the judiciary

Carlos Rivolo, the lawyer in charge of the file on the attack against Cristina Kirchner, this week advanced the line of inquiry known as the “Casablanca clue,” which seeks to determine whether PRO Deputy Gerardo Millman had prior knowledge. Attempted assassination of the Vice President

Two big unknowns arise from this trial: first, if George Abello (the key witness) heard what he heard, and second, if the Millmans said what they said. Justice in these two points revolves around the other protagonists who seek to prove a certain fact: one of the two lied.

The so-called “Millman Track” is proposed by the complaint and centers on Abello’s statement as a “key witness.” Frente de Todos Marcos Cleri’s deputy counsel, whose identity has been withheld for some time, said he heard Millman on August 30, two days before Fernando Sabag Montiel threw the trigger half a meter from Cristina Fernandez’s face. Say, “When they kill her, I’ll go to the beach.”

Abello’s subpoena for an extension of his testimony is puzzling because he is resting after suffering a mild cerebrovascular accident that had no serious consequences but required several days of recovery.

However, other experimental activities were completed in the last days; The first is a statement from Assemblyman Clery, who showed prosecutor Rivolo the messages he received from his co-conspirator, answering questions regarding the moment he received the messages and the time it took for the judge to notice them through the case. .

“Marcos, when I left your office yesterday I went to eat in Casablanca with my brother-in-law. Next to me was Millman with two women, he joked, ‘I’m going to the beach when they kill her,’ and they laughed and died”, one of the four messages that Abello sent to Clery minutes after Sabac Montiel. 32 caliber Bersa pointed to Cristina.

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In the same way, Tucuman deputy Mario Leito also declared. He did so via video conference from Qatar, where he traveled to watch the World Cup despite criticism from his peers.

Finally, Millman’s advisers appeared at Commodore Pie to expand on their report. Carolina Gomez Monaco and Ivana Potcevich testified for more than an hour in Rivolo’s office. The prospect centered on their cell phones, a fundamental key to confirming or disproving Millman’s alleged statements (along with Abello’s testimony).

Both handed over their devices, each with its own speciality: Gómez announced that Monaco had changed his phone, but Podgewicz deposed that he had the contents of the previous one he had given to his sister, and that he had made it available to the judge. messages and photos, because in his opinion, if they ask for his phone number, his privacy may be violated.

“I have never spoken of anything related to criminal participation in the attack on the Vice President. We spoke based on what we heard in the media about the attack issue,” Ivana clarified.

For his part, Gomez Monaco downplayed the contents of his phone. When Rivolo asked if he was willing to hand it over to her, the former Defense Ministry official assured Abello’s statements were not true: “Considering what a witness heard, it’s a complete lie. But I can make it (the phone) available”.

The other big unknown is whether Millman will be called to testify, also known as the “Casablanca track,” which never happened at the trial. The PRO legislator appeared in court at the end of October, demanding that Jorge Abello be investigated for perjury in a letter denying he had any prior knowledge of the attack, which he assured his story was “unacceptable”. Political Motives”.