May 30, 2023

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Spanish immigration laws: they facilitate entry to work legally

New Immigration Act Promoted by Government Spain trying to do requirements Access is essential for immigrants who want to settle in their country Work Very easily formed.

The Spanish Council of Ministers approved the new reforms July 26 This year and Effective August 16It allows to incorporate For thousands Foreign to the labor market.

The measure envisages a range of technological changes that will simplify the regularization of employment conditions, entrepreneurship and family reunification.

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Spanish Immigration Law

Advantages of Spanish Nationality

Argentinians who managed to get Spanish nationality They have different advantages:

  • Free transportation in Europe,
  • Use their profession in any country belonging to the continental community
  • Unhindered access to education.

“This is a formula to bring out the sunken economy and overcome labor shortages in key sectors of the economy through transport and construction, the hotel industry or digitization,” explained the Iberian Migration Minister Jose Luis Egriva.

The Immigration Act In practice, foreigners currently working without papers and without protection can get one Legal residence and work permit.

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6 Changes to Spanish Immigration Law to Benefit Foreigners

1. Renewal of residence cards is for 4 years

It is, without a doubt, the most transcendental complement ever assembled New immigration law.

With the changes made after obtaining the first card with a validity of 1 year, its renewal is now 4 years; Facilitates personal fulfillment for each individual who chooses to initiate a life plan and removes considerable bureaucratic burden.

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2. Relaxation of norms for employment of foreigners as natives

Expand and improve recruitment Foreign First, henceforth, employees are granted a four-year work authorization, which allows them to work for nine months each year:

3. Independent jobs started thinking

Officers of Spain They also intend to provide development tools to the self-employed, with the aim that they can get the appropriate approval for their project.

This category includes people with online stores and consultants.

Visa for Spain 20220901
Residence Visa by Category

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4. Specific benefits for higher education students

Students studying higher education and those who want to start a private company can grow in a dependent relationship. This means that they can be hired with only their student visas without the need to do any additional paperwork.

These alternatives include:

  • Postgraduate.
  • Apprenticeship-managed training.
  • Training aimed at obtaining a certificate of professional or technical qualification.
  • Professional qualification required to access a particular post.

5. What significant changes have been made to student visas?

In this line, another way established by the government of the European nation to support the recruitment of citizens from abroad is the abolition of the mandatory 3 years of residence in the territory for university graduates.

This period of stay in Spain has been removed, as well as the geographical limitation.

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6. What does the process of family reunification consist of?

Under the new guidelines, if you reside Spain and you want to move your family to immigrate, you will have more facilities to achieve the migration goal that is the theme of public opinion in Argentina today.

Spanish citizenship 20220829
New Spanish immigration law

As for the children, if they are minors, if you receive €1,000 per month (equivalent to the minimum professional salary), no matter how much they are, you can reintegrate them all.

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If you do not reach that salary, you must prove 110% of the minimum main income (€702) to reintegrate the minor, plus an additional €64 for everyone who wants to live with you.


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