May 31, 2023

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Solidarity Network Support with Channa

Under the hashtag”Unity with Channa” (Unity with Channain English), Finnish girls started posting videos Among the parties supporting the Prime Minister Sanna MarinAfter the scandal created by Filtering some videos of her dancing and singing at private celebrations.

In this context, many internet users posted videos TwitterIn it they are pictured partying, dancing and drinking like the Finnish leader did, but not in a mocking tone, but With a view to protecting the fact that Marin has a “private life” and “can live as she pleases.”

They also uploaded videos of girls tand other countries such as Denmark and NorwayMany media outlets were surprised Support for Marin has crossed the line.

In response, and after the videos were leaked, many citizens were outraged They demanded a drug test from the Prime Minister and provide more information about the ceremonies.

Channa Marin was drug tested

Last Friday, The Prime Minister called his second press conference on the controversy Really convey it Material and drug testing was conducted to respond to allegations about their abilities and “Clean Up Your Reputation”.

“I took a drug test today Results will come in a week“, Marin declared, and reiterated that he had not done “anything illegal”.

In my life, even in my youth, I have never used drugs. I want us to live in a society that can trust my word.. But because they want to raise those doubts now, that’s why I came to the trial,” he added.

On the other hand, on the same day Marin had to defend himself again A new video which will be shot on the weekend of August 4-6 has leaked again.

“I think my work ability was very good, there were no known meetings during the days I was in the party. I don’t remember a single occasion of going to the State Council Palace in the middle of the night,” he said. protected

And he closed: “I’m concerned with the presumption of innocence and I’d prefer that these charges never be launched. I hope people understand that leisure and work can be separated.”

The beginning of corruption

Last Thursday, Channa Marin’s video was leaked on social media Dancing with friends and celebrities at a private party, Some considered it “irresponsible” behavior for a person with such an investment.

“I have nothing to hide. Spent the night partying with friends. I danced, sang and did legal things. I don’t use any drugs, so drug testing is not a problem, but I think it’s very special to require something like this,” the 36-year-old official told the press in the country.

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