May 31, 2023

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Shocking moment teenager runs after clash between France and Morocco fans at World Cup semi-final

Shocking moment teenager runs after clash between France and Morocco fans at World Cup semi-final

French authorities confirmed early Thursday that a minor had died after being hit by a driver in the city Montpellier After the World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco.

Boy, 14 years old, He was taken to hospital He died shortly after treatment after being hit by a car, as described in a report by the French provincial Herald.

Events may have taken place when a group of people, presumably supporters of a football team MoroccoThey were walking down the street and snatched the French flag hanging from the window of the vehicle.

After that, the car started a flight and ran over several people, including a minor, according to a video broadcast on social networks.

The 14-year-old was taken to Montpellier Hospital, where authorities confirmed he died.

The video shows how a group intercepts A white car And they took away the French flag hanging from its doors. The driver then crosses some train tracks and drives down the opposite street to leave the scene, hitting at least two people.

Despite bystanders’ claims, the car continues to drive and return to its original path in the opposite direction until it leaves the road. Meanwhile, pedestrians gather around the young man and make gestures of frustration.

According to the Herald Province, The vehicle was found near the scene of the accident and made available to the police. Meanwhile, French police have launched an investigation into what happened.

President of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, Mohammed MoussaouiCondemning the boy’s death on social media, he urged “everything possible to arrest the perpetrator of this heinous crime”.

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“A driver ran over Moroccan supporters in Montpellier, leaving a child between life and death. Our prayers for him and our support for his loved ones,” Mousavi added.

French and Moroccan fans Tensions have been high since Wednesday after France beat Morocco in the semi-finals Qatar World Cup 2022A meeting where the French government activated a strong police apparatus in the event of serious disruption.

Events in France after their World Cup semi-final victory over Morocco

In A string, a group of masked fans insulted Moroccan fans, both throwing flares. Several masked men chased the Moroccans, shouting “Arabs get out,” the newspaper reported. Le Figaro.

For his part, in NantesScores of fans from both sides have gathered and set off fireworks, although no arrests or injuries have been reported in any French sector so far.

(with information from Europa Press)

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