May 31, 2023

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She was a stewardess and revealed what a drink not to take during a flight

There are legends about Things travelers should never do Ask the flight attendants. In these ways, the most popular one is to do Coffee. Many flight attendants have given their views on social networks and internet forums Passengers concerned To know what the danger is if they consume it. It seemed like there would be a whole list of details to consider.

Madeleine Doyle, a flight attendant with 20 years of experience, gave an interview Thrillist In 2016, it remains valid till date. At the time, the expert explained why crew should never be asked to serve coffee on a flight: “We all hate serving it I don’t know why that’s a bad thing for flight attendants, but it is. Of all the things that bother them the most Change your mind about how you drink coffee”, recounted Madeleine.

Ordering coffee on a flight might not be the best ideaUnsplash

From his perspective, unsuspecting passengers can become a nightmare for the crew: “They say they want black first, so we give them black. Then they say no, with cream and sugar”, he gave an example. “It’s a bad coffee, how do they drink it?”, he questioned.

This is one of the edges of a subject which, while seemingly simple, has generated a great deal of debate. Others focused more on liquid. They believe that caffeinated drinks can have the same effect on the body as alcohol during a flight. It can cause trips to the bathroom, headaches and insomnia.

In addition, step NBC 5Quoted The insider, Water for tea and coffee on board comes from the tap, not from a bottle. Last January, a flight attendant identified as Kate Kamalani went viral about what her rules were What not to do on a plane?. In his case, he correlated water quality with the frequency with which hot water machines were flushed. In this way He urged people to avoid tea and coffee.

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He is joined by other content creators, mostly internal employees, who encourage people to choose other drinks.

A flight attendant explains why you shouldn’t order tea or coffee on board.

According to a 2019 study on airplane water by New York University’s Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and, Several airlines were found to be serving unsanitary water to passengers.

At that time, 11 large international companies were analyzed, 12 of which were regional in the United States. As a result, seven international and almost all regions were found to have poor water quality. In previous studies as well Coliform bacteria were found to be present.

However, the Flight Attendants Association-CWA responded to ease concerns The insider “Water on board is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure safety.”

Ordering coffee on a flight might not be the best idea
Ordering coffee on a flight might not be the best ideaUnsplash

Also, according to a study published in the journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health As of 2015, transportation vehicles contain more microbes than water sources. Per NBC5, Baylor University Medical Center infectious disease specialist Dr. Cedric Spock has long said that people with compromised immune systems may want to avoid this drink.

The truth is, long flights are tough. Sometimes the only thing that saves travelers is a cup of coffee to feel fresh after hours in the air. However, there may be a combination of all these factors People think twice before making their choice.