May 31, 2023

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She fell in love with a prisoner by letter and they got married: he beat her to death in front of the wedding guests

A friend of Oksana told journalists that the girl “loved him and was looking forward to his release so that they could get married.”

Oksana Poludenteva, 36 years old, a single woman. In recent years she has been unaccompanied and lonely at home in the small Russian village of Chik. The winters there are very long and to overcome the silence of the steppe, the young Russian begins a relationship with a man in prison for murder. Stephen Tolkien, , d 35 years, answering texts from his cell. A story begins that leads to a gruesome murder of a woman.

A friend of Oksana’s said the girl “loved him and was eagerly awaiting his release so they could get married and start a life together in their own home in a Russian village.” On the day Stefan was sentenced, Oksana went to wait for him at the prison door. He took him straight to his village. There, all the letters already written, full of confessions and promises of love, seemed to the couple to know each other in advance.

Oksana’s dream

After dating for a while, Oksana and Stepan They decided to seal their love forever and get married. According to the girl’s friends, nothing during the marriage “happens to happen”. At no point was there any sign or gesture of violence from her. Or at least we couldn’t see it.”

The bride and groom said yes in the Russian town of Sikh Orthodox Church
The bride and groom said yes in the Russian town of Sikh Orthodox Church

The wedding day had arrived and the couple was dressed for the occasion. She in white, he in the best clothes he could get in a Russian village. Almost the whole town was invited to the feast. A ceremony etched forever on their retinas for tragic reasons.

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The bride and groom said yes in the Russian town of Sikh Orthodox Church. The priest presented Oksana and Stephen with ribbon-tied crowns, uniting the two souls, ready to establish their own kingdom as heads of a new family.

Then, the devotees carrying the crowns stand behind the bride and groom and exchange the crowns 3 times and bless them. Oksana and Stepan drank three sips from the same glass of wine, signifying that from that moment on they would share everything in their lives.

Along with the rings, the couple’s hands are joined by the priest and remain so until the end of the ceremony. The Russian girl was fulfilling her lifelong dream. So, they went out and rain of rice fell on them. They got into the car that was waiting for them at the door. From there they went to a party in a house in the village where the guests were attending.

Stepan dumped Oksana's body in a ravine in the cold Russian steppe
Stepan dumped Oksana’s body in a ravine in the cold Russian steppe

Blood red party

Arriving at the party venue, there is no predicting what will happen within an hour of the party starting. Something made Stephen nervous. The excuse was that Oksana looked at or smiled at a guest more than necessary. That was the pretext used by the female murderer, who started a barrage of blows that would destroy the bride’s life.

This was said by the eyewitnesses of the blood marriage After reproaching the woman for smiling “more than Oksana with a guest”, Stefan began to kick and beat her. He then brutally beat her, said Russian police officer Kirill Petrushin, the lead investigator in the case.

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“He grabbed her by the hair, beat her and pushed her into the street, where he kept kicking her body and head,” said the Russian police officer in charge of the investigation. After committing the crime, the female killer drags Oksana’s bloodied body across the cold Russian steppe to be dumped in a nearby ravine. All this was seen by the guests through the window of the house where the gathering took place after the ceremony.

The event occurred hours after the couple exchanged their wedding vows. The guests were reportedly too scared to intervene but called the police. It was too late for Oksana, who was murdered on her wedding day.

The groom was detained at the scene by the Russian National Guard.
The groom was detained at the scene by the Russian National Guard.

Faith without repentance

The groom was detained at the scene by the Russian National Guard. His hands and clothes were soaked with the blood of his beloved, and his knees were bruised from the blows he had given her. “He beat her for a long time, in front of witnesses, and hit her on her vital organs, body and head,” said the police officer investigating the case. Femicide.

Upon his arrest, Stephen fully admitted his guilt during the trial, but never showed any remorse. “Everything was triggered by the glance or smile of Oksana’s guest Russian policeman Petrushin said. A female murderer uses a brutal excuse to beat and kick his wife to death in front of partygoers. No guest dared to interfere. They were afraid of the violence and screams given by the lover when he attacked Oksana.

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Stephen was sentenced to 18 years in prison, which included dozens of witnesses and a confession to the woman’s murder. A young Russian woman was knocked unconscious after being hit on the head. And according to the post-mortem, kicks to the chest were the cause of death. The femicide continued for several minutes on the already dead body. He then dragged the bride’s corpse through the deserted streets of the Russian village and dumped it in the first ravine he found. All before the eyes of the guests, who were paralyzed with horror. Oksana’s remains hit the cold stones of the Russian steppe, while Stepan confesses to the police.

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