May 30, 2023

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She confessed to the robbery in her sleep and her husband handed her over to the police

A 61-year-old British man has been handed over to police after he confessed to robbing his 47-year-old wife in her sleep.

Anthony Ford said he had no choice but to listen to his wife Ruth Ford’s “murmurs” about the money he stole.

Ruth, who is a part-time caretaker, A woman in a wheelchair has been charged with stealing £ 7,200 ($ 9,814) from a caregiver at a nursing home.

She was heard in Preston (UK) court She spent most of her money on family vacations in Mexico, at which time her husband at first feared he was not well.

The father of three told Liverpool Echo: “I was skeptical when Ruth started spending more. At first, it was more of an intuition. But she also knew when she saw the debit card in her bag. It was heartbreaking.

Anthony said he just loved Ruth “deeply” but could not ignore what she did.

The woman was a caretaker at a nursing home and stole a card from one of the residents, who spent nearly $ 10,000.
The woman was a caretaker at a nursing home and stole a card from one of the residents, who spent nearly $ 10,000.

“It was disgusting to me that I could steal from someone who could be vulnerable and had to report it.” He told the British media.

The suspicions on Antony first surfaced in August 2018 Ruth revealed that during her working hours she took one of the older women she cared for to a nursing home.

“She said the woman in the wheelchair had 98,000 ($ 133,581) in her bank account.” He recalled.

“Something shook my heart the way he spoke. I realized I needed to access the Ruth card and pin number. “Said her husband.

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He said his concern was natural and there was no reason for him to suspect it, so he decided to ignore it.

In November 2018, the couple booked a luxury trip to Mexico, and Anthony’s worries escalated when Ruth started spending money.

“Ruth booked a lot of trips during the holidays. I spent too much.” Anthony said.

“When I questioned her, she said her relatives paid 1,000 (US $ 1,363) for expenses. I do not know whether to trust him or not. “ Counted.

Anthony Ford said he had no choice after hearing his wife Ruth Ford murmur about the money he had stolen.
Anthony Ford said he had no choice after hearing his wife Ruth Ford murmur about the money he had stolen.

Then, in early December 2018, Ruth had to go to work due to her epilepsy, and the couple began to spend more time at home.

Then, After hearing suspicious “murmurs” about money in his sleep, Anthony began to pound his bag on the floor as four or five £ 20 notes fell down.

When she closed her bag, Anthony noticed the debit card of the nursing home resident she was caring for.

Everything fell into place and I felt utterly frustrated. I could not believe it. When Ruth woke up, I confronted her and she accepted everything. “, Said the husband.

“I told him to take his bags. It broke my heart, I loved her, but I knew I had no choice but to report her. “, He added.

Later that month, Anthony went to the police when Ruth was arrested on suspicion of theft.

He appeared in Preston Crown Court in February 2021.

“It simply came to our notice then. So my family suffered the most. I did the right thing, but with Ruth I was judged. ” Anthony said.

The woman has escaped from prison twice.
The woman has escaped from prison twice.

47-year-old woman He pleaded guilty to stealing 7 7,200 ($ 9,814), Who also heard how he exploited a woman who had been vulnerable for two months.

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He was sentenced to one Suspended from 16 months imprisonment with conditions including attending drug rehab sessions.

The judge praised Antony for his “commendable” actions: “It would have been a very difficult thing.”

“The test here turned out to be greedy. You should be completely ashamed of your behavior.” He told Ruth for his part.

This month, he appeared in Ford Liverpool Crown Court again for violating a suspended sentence for failing to attend drug rehab sessions and meetings twice with his probation officer.

Ford pleaded guilty to violating his suspended sentence and was released from prison for a second time.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the judge imposed a six-week curfew from 7am to 7pm and warned he could face further imprisonment if his conditions were violated again.

“My anger has subsided now and I want to help her. I feel like this system has missed us so far.” Anthony concluded about his wife’s case.

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