May 31, 2023

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Several protesters detained in San Marcos were freed, while 12 others were injured and a policeman was taken hostage in clashes in Arequipa.

Rector of San Marcos rejects his resignation: “There is a political force behind it”

And Jerry Ramon, an accountant, indicated that his position would not be available and rejected the PNP’s involvement in the university campus.

Rector of San Marcos rejects his resignation | Video: Latina

Rector of National University of San Marcos (UNMSM), Jerry RamoneThen rejected his resignation intervention From the National Police to the Research Centre. He pointed out that those who are demanding his removal are related to political power and inciting people.

This is how the hostage policeman was released

This is how the policeman was released |Video: HBA Noticias

Interior Minister Justifies Violent Entry into San Marcos: “There Was Deadly Delicto and State of Emergency”

Vicente Romero’s announcement comes after a statement from the university that condemned “police abuse”.

The Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, condemned the police intervention in San Marcos.

After the declaration of National University of San MarcosIn which “police abuse” was denounced by protesters when it intervened in its facilities, the Home Minister, Vincent RomeroI came out to answer to give more details about what happened on Saturday, January 21st.

home Minister, Vincent RomeroHe indicated that the release of the money should be negotiated with a representative of the Catholic Church and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Ombudsman calls for end to violence in Arequipa

Arequipa: Police officer taken hostage after clash at La Joya police station

Rohel Sanchez, the regional governor of Arequipa, confirmed that the police were in stable condition.

A group of protesters began throwing rocks at police at the La Joya police station in Arequipa. Video: Twitter

A group of protesters attack El Triunfo Police Station in the district jewelry with stones and other materials. Along the way, clashes between the Peruvian National Police (PNP) and demonstrators Arequipa. Regional Governor, Rohel Sanchez, He pointed out that a policeman was taken hostage and 10 people were injured during the clash.

The Office of the Ombudsman oversees the issuance of prisoners’ documents

Ruth Luk ruled on release

Congresswoman of the Compeo Democratico Bench – Together for Peru, Look at RuthHe promised that they would continue to secure the freedom of many of those detained UNMSM Last Saturday.

He wrote on his Twitter account, “We guarantee to provide unregistered ID and clothes in minutes. As already announced by the prosecutor’s office, only one person will be detained for having RQ.”

Ombudsman Daily Report

Blockades on national roads: 78 blockade points (Source: Sudran, 3:30 pm)

Conflicts with law enforcement: 01 (La Joya, Arequipa)

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Other situations of violence: – Attack on La Joya Police Station (Arequipa).

– Burning and damage to SENASA, SUNAT, PNP and migration offices in Yunguio (Puno).

Collective protest actions: Demonstrations, stoppages and/or roadblocks were recorded in 28 provinces, equivalent to 14.3% of all provinces nationwide.

– Mobilizations and concentrations have been registered in 07 provinces: Antahuelas, Sinceros, Acobamba, Huancavelica, Metropolitan Lima, Carabaya and Yungueo.

– Cessation of activities registered in 02 provinces: Antahuilas and Sinceros.

– Roadblocks were reported in 23 provinces: Padre Abad, Pachidia, Huanuco, Iga, Antahuilas, Calca, Urubamba, Quispicanchi, Seven, Sumbivilcas, Melgar, Asangaro, Carabaya, Tahumanu, Tambopata, Lamba, Huancane, Punjab, Moldu, The Colao, Sucito. , Islay.

– A peace march was held in Iga. Calls announced by social organizations: – Demonstrations and concentrations: Lima (23-24/01)

– Stops: Pichanaki (June, 01/24) Cumulative statistics of deaths and injuries

– 45 civilians, in conflict

– 9 civilians due to traffic accidents and blockade-related incidents

– 1 police officer, for acts of violence in the context of conflict

Injured: Total Injured: 772 as of 01/20/2023 (Source: Minsa)

– 2023 (January 1 to 20): 379 injured

– 2022 (December 07 to 31): 393 injured

Total injured: 442 police officers as of 01/10/2023 (Source: PNP)

– 2023 (January 04 to 10): 142 police officers were injured

– 2022 (December 07 to 18): 300 police officers injured