May 31, 2023

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Serbian Soren who came to Argentina as drug lord in South America

In the building that houses Moron’s federal courts, a policeman guards the blind door they pass through. Three secret DEA agents. They are Greeks and they are on a powerful path Drug trafficking International setting foot in Argentina: Serbian Joran Jaxick, The boss USA TeamOne of the bloodiest systems in Eastern Europe on this continent.

Ambassador of the US Anti-Drug Agency arrives at the judge’s office in 2007. John Paul Salas. Searched for drug trafficking and murder of other gang bosses, Jaxik was across the border, Thanks for Many labels He used to be (over 40) and despite his striking height.

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Born on July 9, 1959 in the former Yugoslavia to the Balkan Mafia, the nickname “El Alto” is too short for him: It will be more than two meters.

Fingerprints of Serbian Narco. (Photo: OCCRP).

Greek detectives told the judge he had arrived in the country in August and had been summoned by Joran. They said the Serbs settled in an apartment a few years ago Puerto Madero, and Parque Leloir in fifthThe ecological neighborhood of Iduzinko, with his wife.

They also said in detail By a trick they were able to approach him: They convinced him that they would cooperate in sending liquid cocaine to Greece in Argentine wine bottles. He was involved in sending “human couriers” to Southeast Asia.

Salas did not delay in summoning dangerous drugs from the PFA and Gendarmerie’s Directorate of Anti – Drugs, and did not order the interference of the phones of gangs with many Peruvian citizens.

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The drug operation, funded by Serbia, was already underway: this included the acquisition A boat; Purchase Organic wine cellar High Green Factory, Located next to Route 40 in San Juan (which he chose after studying wineries in Mendoza); A corker; An “engineer” from Canada, and 500 kg of cocaine The Serbian planned to receive thanks for his contacts with suppliers from the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Peru and Brazil.

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He was also thinking about creating a ghost company in Italy to fund the transfers. It was even discoveredThe organization sent an unreceived bottle to Spain and returned to Argentina. They did it to see if drug camouflage had circumvented immigration restrictions Scanners.

Detectives also asked Joran to confess to his associates an ambitious dream: to becomeDrug jar in South America “. They trusted him. “Yugoslav” handled only dollars and euros in cash.

The setback that allowed Joran Jujic to leave his wife and daughter and escape from Argentina

Peruvian police record on Joran Jaxik.  (Photo: OCCRP).
Peruvian police record on Joran Jaxik. (Photo: OCCRP).

On September 8, 2008, the unexpected Unleashed, in advance, a mega-operative Investigators planned to capture the powerful drug smuggler and disrupt the international cell. The incident took place when the two motorcyclists were detained by the police.

They carried 18 cocaine loaves in a bag. One of them, Carlos Romulo Gonzalez Campova, He was listed in the file as one of Joran’s drug suppliers. Those responsible for the investigation feared that the organization would lose track.

They searched 18 properties associated with the Balkan gang. At a Moreno home they found boxes full of liquid cocaine, powdered cocaine and bottles of wine. They arrested 14 people, but the Serbian giant has already disappeared. Rooms Interpol calls for a red tape still in effect in Argentina’s offices.

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When escaping, Joran is survived by his wife, Slatona M. And abandoned their young daughter. Born in Argentina. The woman was arrested at the apartment where she lived on San Martin de Tours Street. Two volumes from MALBA. She was released shortly afterwards: she had nothing to do with her partner’s machinations in the country.

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Sladana, from Palaga, was addicted to drugs. After his short imprisonment, Decided to give the displaced child for adoption, Far removed from the mafia environment in which his father moved. Thus, the little girl was in the care of the family of Buenos Aires, who was also involved in the shadow business of Serbia. They are in touch.

While members of the organization he leads in Argentina have been sentenced to up to six years in prison, Joran will fall at Barcelona airport next year and after a warning from Milan officials.

Joran Jazzick was captured in Barcelona, ​​extradited to Greece, tried to escape in Peru and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

A OCCRP investigation (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Scheme) Grubo withdraws US leaders’ steps It is noteworthy that Jaxik had passports from five different countries and seven cell phones.

In addition, it is noteworthy that Argentina, German, Dutch, Austrian and Greek justice required Serbian.

Joran "Tall" He was taken away by Peruvian police after his arrest.  (Photo: Time).
Joran “El Alto” was arrested and taken away by Peruvian police. (Photo: Time).

However, Joran was extradited to Greece. But in 2016 he was recaptured in Tumbes, Peru, where he developed strong ties with drug gangs. Port of “El Gallo”, One of the main exit points used by the drug lords of the continent.

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In December 2020, Joran was in the news again for trying to escape like “El Chapo” Guzman. They believe he, along with other imprisoned drug lords, funded a tunnel to escape from the Beatrice Cர்டrdoba prison in Ancon. The Serbian would have invested $ 500,000 is under discussion.

Unlike the Mexican, Joran’s plan failed. Due to its connection with 800 kg exports, In February 2021, Serbian Sentenced to 25 years in prisonIn the case of the so-called “Los Colantrinas”.

Meanwhile, a federal court located in Moron, Chrysologia Laralde, a street broken by the heavy wheels of historically crowded buses, is waiting its turn to sit in front of the court.

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