May 31, 2023

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Sensation in the United States: A dozen passengers were raped on a train

The case is shocking United States. A woman abused a man on a suburban train in Philadelphia, last raped and assaulted the attacker in the presence of about 10 people and did not even call 911. Some witnesses raised their cell phones to take pictures In fact. The attack lasted 40 minutes.

However, prosecutors involved in the case expected that no charges would be laid against the witnesses this Wednesday.

“The investigation is ongoing, but we do not expect to charge passengers at this time,” he said. Margie McCabe, Spokesman for the Delaware District Attorney’s Office, without elaborating.

How was the sexual assault on the Philadelphia train

Authorities are investigating an attack on a train heading to the upper Dorby township on the Market-Frankfort track in Philadelphia at 10:00 pm on October 13.

She began to fold a woman in a cart Son ng, 35 years old. Although the victim tried to dispose of the matter, Ngoy did not stop, according to the arrest police report.

Rail on a passenger train shocks Philadelphia (Photo: ABC)

Investigators tore the woman’s underwear and raped her for six to eight minutes, police said. From the beginning of the attack to the end, the train traveled at 20 stops.

According to A.P.It is not known how many passengers were in the same car during those 40 minutes of the attack and what they saw or recorded on the train. But while examining the train’s security cameras, police said some passengers seemed to have raised their cell phones in the direction of the attack. However, no photos or videos of the sexual assault were found on the Internet.

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In an interview with the radio station WPHT, Chief of Police of the Transport Authority, Thomas J. Nestle III, He said up to 10 people may have seen part of the attack.

But despite a dozen witnesses, there was no call for help to the 911 emergency number in Philadelphia.

Superintendent of Police at nearby Upper Darby Township, Timothy Bernhardt, The rest of the passengers are unemployed, inactive and “They did nothinga ”, according to the camera footage inside the wagon.

The case shocked Philadelphia
The case shocked Philadelphia

He confirmed: “In my opinion, many should have intervened. Someone must have done something. “.

How was the attacker arrested

N. Coy has been charged with rape and related offenses, according to his arrest records. He is being held on $ 180,000 bond until his October 25 court hearing. Attorney Mary Elizabeth Welch confirmed that the Delaware County Public Defendant’s Office represents Ngoy.

The attacker and victim boarded the train at the same station. Authorities say the man was detained by police at the last stop three minutes after a transport service employee called 911.