May 30, 2023

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Santi Maratia on why he was disappointed at Milagro Sala: “I was in the square and…”

Santiago Maratea He reacted in the last hour to the announcements Myrta Rosa “Shakira” GuerreroFormer right-hand man Room of Wonder. The influencer noted one of the focal points the woman made in the conversation With Jorge Lanata PPT (Eltrees): 10 thousand dollars given by the community leader from Juju to each member of the group who left the country with him.

The story shared by the young supporter is titled “I just found this out, I can’t believe it” and describes her disappointment with the Tupac Amaru organization founder. “When they came to Italy, that they might see the Pope, They gave the money to Milagro. A total of about 160 thousand dollars. What a blast! Where is that money that will be useful to us?” He wondered.

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And he added: “Some people say to me ‘Do you think Argentina can be solved with 160 thousand dollars?’ No, not all of Argentina, but if you’re giving back 160k dollars, they could be put to good use. Apparently it works and it doesn’t matter if it gets stolen. Change everything”.

As a reflection, Maratia said the news allowed us to see how pathetic a section of the ruling class was. And, in that sense, he explained why his hatred of Milagro Salah’s image is genuine: “I was in the Plaza de Mayo applauding her release.”.

Sandy Maratia points out against the Kirchner family: “How did Maximo earn the $400 million he claimed?”

In a story he published in mid-July Economic situation of the country, Santiago Maratea Targeting the Kirchner family. “How did Maximo earn his reported $400 million?”Posted on his social media.

Before starting a new collection, he said he had Fear of not being able to reach the goal because “Argentina doesn’t have mangoes.” and reflects value for money. “I hope that everything that happens does not take away from us the idea, the belief that we have the power to change things,” he said.

Before starting a set, the influencer talked about the situation in Argentina and took a shot at the rulers. (Photo: Instagram / santimaratea)

“Managing anger is difficult by understanding how The rulers of our country fill their pockets through corruption And at the expense of the jobs of all Argentines. First anger that they are robbing us, then disbelief to see how There are still people who protect thieves When it was already clear that they were thieves and living off our money, he angrily chastised.

For example, he spoke of Maximo Kirchner: “Christina’s son has declared 400 million pesos. How did you make them? What a Kirchnerist is going to tell you is that Nestor’s legacy…”.

Nestor’s pedigree? Why did Nestor have so much money? Because I don’t think Maximo inherited everything, his wife Cristina and his other daughter Florencia must have inherited it too. So, how did Nestor make over a billion pesos? ” he questioned as he spoke to the camera.

Sandy Maratia, disappointed at Milagro Sala:

At this point, Maratea laments that the same situation is judged by two different standards: “If Nestor manages his money wisely and manages it as a millionaire, Why is he judged overweight when another does the same?”.

He then compared the vice president’s son to Mauricio Macri: “Máximo is a guy who has never worked, but if he inherits 400 million pesos, he is the son of a rich man, Macri. That is what he criticizes about Macri.

Before closing, he wanted to make it clear that he is not advocating one political color over another, but that he is a critical thinker. “They use a rhetoric of consumption, money and hatred of the rich, and how angry that all they do is steal money to consume and become rich.finished

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