March 22, 2023

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San Pablo confirmed the social circulation of the Omigron variant of Govit-19

A health worker takes the temperature of a person entering Brazil via Sao Paulo’s Congolese Airport (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli / File)

The city of Sவோo Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, confirmed the social circulation of the Omicron variant of the corona virus this Friday., After diagnosis A further 3 patients were non-expatriate or non-contact With other identified infections.

The mayor’s office in San Pablo said in a statement They are two women aged 22 and 65 and a man aged 30, in “unrelated” isolated cases. The 67-year-old, who did not go abroad with the first patient of this variant in Brazil, was officially diagnosed on December 10th.

Municipal Health Monitor with 4 confirmations “We can confirm that these are social spread events”. A further 12 cases are related to persons traveling to the African continent in recent days.

Patients, according to the report, “They present mild symptoms, refusing to interact with recent trips and travelers. All patients were isolated at home along with health professionals”.

The Municipal Health Secretariat was intensified Antigen method testing application For patients with flu-like symptoms, it can also help diagnose Covit-19 or the flu that strikes the southeastern region of Brazil at this time of year.

A health worker performs a free PCR test in Sவோo Paulo (EFE / Sebastiao Moreira / File)
A health worker performs a free PCR test in Sவோo Paulo (EFE / Sebastiao Moreira / File)

4,079 new cases and 206 deaths Govt-19

Recorded in Brazil last 24 hours 4,079 new cases and 206 deaths related to corona virus, Confirms new lows on the daily average for the week so far this year and the downward trend of the epidemic, official figures released this Friday.

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Since the outbreak, in February 2020, There are 22,209,020 confirmed cases and a total of 617,601 deaths in the country, According to the latest epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health, seems to have normalized its data base after the hacker invasion last week.

According to the National Health Secretaries Council (GONAS) of 27 states, the average number of cases last week dropped to 3,457 daily infections this Friday.

The average number of daily deaths in the past week, meanwhile, is 130 deaths this Friday.

The two figures for the weekly daily average are the lowest of the year and Very low after April 2020, almost at the onset of epidemics.

According to the latest official report, In a country of 213 million people, 21,470,339 patients have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which is 96.6% of the total number of victims..

Brazil, along with the United States and India, is one of the three countries in the world with the highest number of outbreaks. It records 294 deaths per 100,000 civilians and 10,568 victim deaths At the same rate.

The Ministry of Health continues to update the vaccine data, but A recent report indicates that the country has used a total of 324 million vaccines since the start of the immunization campaign in January..

A) Yes, Brazil was able to vaccinate 66.4% of its citizens using two doses or a single dose..

The Ministry of Health, without updating the data this Friday, announced that there are 24 confirmed cases of the African variant Omigran in Brazil.

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