March 26, 2023

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Rishi Sunak: 5 worst moments from the UK’s new prime minister

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak (42) Becomes leader of the Conservative Party this Monday and tomorrow He will be sworn in as the British Prime Minister of England, the first to originate from an ethnic minority and the youngest in the country’s modern history. They will change Liz dressHe was in office for only 44 days.

This former banker is an Oxford and Stanford graduate and holder Double the wealth of King Carlos III, his tenure in public administration was not immune to controversy. Here are some of them.

During a private event last year, Sunak bragged to members of the Conservative Party in Tunbridge Wells. They have used public money from “downtrodden urban areas” to help rich cities.

In a video obtained by The New Statesman He agreed to that GuardianSunak said: “We’ve got a lot of formula from Labor which has pushed all the funding to the urban underprivileged.” He boasted of the fact then He began to change those policies when he served as president.

Rishi Sunak admits taking money from underprivileged areas (Courtesy: The Guardian)

“I’m a total coke addict”He said in an interview with two students from a British school who openly laughed at the president’s slip. After a few seconds, realizing the confusion – he clarified that he was a “Coca Cola addict”.. He said his favorite was “Mexican Coca Cola”.

One viewer called it “out of sight Office”, an English comedy with a popular American adaptation, characterized by its worst moments.

Rishi Sunak’s Slippage Claiming to Be Addicted to “Coca”

Further Accused of pretending to be “less” rich during a political campaign linked to petrol prices. The picture, taken in March this year, shows Sunak next to a red Kia car at a Sainsbury’s service station in London.

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According to reports, he filled the vehicle with petrol in front of the cameras Owned by a station employee.

Rishi Sunak at a Sainsbury’s service station in London in March

During the same photo session, earlier in the year, the former banker He tried to get a can of Coca-Cola by scanning his bank card on a barcode reader. He later admitted it Someone had to teach him how to use the contactless card.

“This technology is an amazing modern marvel these days!”was celebrated.

The worst moment happened when Rishi Sunak wanted to use a credit card

During an interview BBC In 2001, she spoke about her relationships with others, saying, “I have aristocratic friends, I have upper-class friends. I even have working-class friends… I don’t really have any working class friends”.

At that time, he insisted, “I also visit children studying in government schools and ask them to apply to Oxford and others.” The images resurfaced after Sunak announced his candidacy as the next prime minister. “We all talk nonsense when we are students”Previously withdrawn Guardian.

A young Rishi Sunak says he has no ‘working class’ friends (Courtesy: The Guardian)


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