May 30, 2023

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Rick Hurricane Minute by Minute: Warnings were issued in six states and 448 municipalities

(Photo: SMN / Conagua Clima)

Hurricane Rick It continues its route to western Mexico and is expected to cross the border at some point in between, this Sunday, October 24, in the next few hours. Guerrero and Mikogon.

At the moment it is a type of event on the Sapphire-Simpson scale, National Weather Service (SMN) He noted that the system would intensify before entering the Republic. May develop to the third levelWinds will be 178 to 208 kilometers per hour.

Throughout the day, the hurricane will hit western Mexico, causing heavy rains that could cause landslides or flooding.

“During its journey, it will provoke Heavy rain to heavy rain In states with landslides, floods and an increase in rivers and streams Guerrero, Mycocon, Colima and Jalisco, Strong winds and waves of four to six meters along its coasts. It will also rain heavily in Morelos, Puebla, Mexico City, Mexico City and Nairobi. ”

If the predictions are fulfilled, Rick will reach the land this Sunday afternoon Type Two hurricane, Between municipalities Lazaro Gordonas, Mycovagan, and Jihuvatanejo, Warrior. State and federal officials urged people to stay.

Forecast of Hurricane Rick's Evolution and Path (Photo: SMN / Conacua Clima)
Forecast of Hurricane Rick’s Evolution and Path (Photo: SMN / Conacua Clima)

Minute by minute with Central Mexico Time (GMT-5)

07:00: Hurricane Rick continues to move the Pacific Ocean as a Type 1 event, now near Guerrero, 210 kilometers from the port of Jihuatanejo.

“It is moving very slowly northward, towards the coasts of Guerrero and Michoacan.

Rick’s maximum lasting wind is blowing at 140 kilometers per hour and 165 kilometers per hour. That is, they maintain the intensity recorded at 04:00. However, it is expected to intensify throughout Sunday morning.

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For now, the hurricane warnings issued in 04:15 report are being maintained.

05:00: The National Civil Defense Coordination has improved alert levels as the hurricane passes, which is at Type 1 on the Sapphire-Simpson scale.

* Yellow Warning or Moderate Risk:

By approaching the hurricane: southwest and south of Michoacan; Southwest of Korema, south of Colima.

* Green alert Or low risk:

By approaching the hurricane: southeast of Michoacan; Northwest, center, south and southeast of Guerrero; West, center and north of Colima; Southeast and southwest of Jalisco.

* Blue alert or minimal risk:

By approaching the hurricane: the northwest and the center of Jalisco; Northwest, West and center of Michoacan; North and east of Guerrero; Southern Mexico.

As the hurricane recedes: northwest and southwest of Oaxaca.

04:15: Rick is Type 1 hurricane, blowing at a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour and has already reached 165 kilometers per hour.

The National Weather Service (SMN) indicated that Hurricane Jihuatanejo was located 235 kilometers south of the coast and San Lazaro, 270 kilometers from Michoacோn, very close to Guerrero.

Due to the proximity of the system and its trend forecast, the following warnings are maintained:

* Hurricane Prevention Zone: Tecpon de Caleana, Guerrero, Punta San Delmo, to Mycocon.

* Preventive zone due to the effects of tropical storms: from Tecpon de Galliana to Acapulco, Guerrero; And up to Punta San Delmo, Mycocon, Manzanillo, Colima.

In addition, extraordinary rain is expected in the climate agency Michigan and Guerrero; Intense in southern Jalisco, Colima and western Oaxaca; As well as very strong in the states of Mexico and Morelos.

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