March 26, 2023

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Ricardo Lopez Murphy reveals he’s going through a tough personal moment: “It’s costing me a lot”

Ricardo Lopez Murphy, He spoke during his visit + InterviewsThe cycle is driven Luis NovaresioAbout the hard time he is going through due to the illness of one of his relatives.

Together for Change’s vice-chancellor admitted in the interview that he had “experienced many difficulties” since entering the Chamber of Deputies. When asked by the journalist what he was referring to, the economist was candid: “There is the most tender and most painful part I’ve ever experienced and I was able to stop it. No other party.” And he remarked: “It led me to feel a great conflict between my civic duties and my affections. It cost me a lot to fulfill my duty. I did it with dedication, but it cost me.

After a few minutes, he personally surveyed the scene before him It turned out to be “a sick relative—one of his children—in very subtle terms.”. He later regretted forcing his family “Make a supreme effort to change” what their role should have been.. And he explained: “When I took on the civic responsibilities that I took on, I did not think that I was going to face the dilemmas that I have”.

“We drew the wrong card”said the opposition vice-chancellor with tears in his eyes.

Delving into the personal sphere, he recalls an earlier “difficult moment” that will forever mark him. “When I was studying in America, My father got sick, he died and I couldn’t go back. In this process, the Dean of the University helped me a lot. “I got a lot of training in theology and that’s what sustained me,” he said.

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Sometimes we draw bad cards. It hurts me, but that’s how it is,” he said. Fortunately, I had my family. All the while, he made an extraordinary effort to catch me. I have been married for 40 years and I am not short of anything.

Midway through the interview, Lopez admitted that it helped Murphy escape reality at age 71. “For me, swimming is very important. I really enjoy it”He maintained and pointed out that “it is not merely a physical reality,” but it allows one to “purify the mind and liberate it.”

And he concluded: “It helps me a lot with my problems. I reflect a lot on being there. After I come out of swimming, I have a head like a baby’s. I feel fresh. It boosts my energy and I feel clean and fresh from everything. If I were president, I would swim regularly”.


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