May 31, 2023

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Rape, Torture, Hospital Bombing, Child Trafficking and Nuclear Threat: Russia’s War Crimes in Ukraine

Aleksandr Orfiniak mourns at the grave of his granddaughter Veronika, who was killed in a shelling attack with her father (Alexander’s son) while cooking outside her apartment, in the Russian-controlled Stary Krim settlement outside Mariupol, Ukraine, November 9, 2022 (REUTERS)

Irbin, Loofah, Mariupol, Isium, Zaporizhia… All these Ukrainian cities – and many more – were turned into wasteland by the troops Vladimir Putin. But as the Russian forces retreated, the testimonies that had already been circulated in the media and on social media turned into horror evidence. Because survivors talk, even corpses.

As states resort to war to resolve their conflicts, There are certain prohibited behaviors, but war crimes have been established In The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. At the same time, since 1864, states have been concerned with the protection of victims of armed conflicts. The four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the two Additional Protocols of 1977, relating to international humanitarian law, focus on the protection of victims. Armed conflicts are understood as persons who do not participate or have ceased to participate in hostilities.

A) Yes, War crimes are understood as serious violations of the Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949 and the Additional Protocols of 1977 and those included in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Government of Volodymyr ZelenskyWestern powers and human rights organizations It accuses Putin’s troops of committing at least 22 crimes and serious violations of the law and tariffs applicable in international armed conflicts Article 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


In LoofahPutin’s soldiers They used the children’s camp as a concentration camp. Not even two months have passed since the occupation. Infobae emissaries entered the basement and found tortured bodies and corpses tied behind their arms.

Infobay in Ukraine: Journey to hell unleashed in Bucha

Alla was raped and tortured for 10 days by Russian soldiers Inside Isium. Her captors sought information about her son, who works for Ukraine’s internal security service, the SBU, and her own work at the region’s gas company. Her husband, who worked for the same company, was detained and tortured in the basement of a clinic that had been upgraded into a punishment cell. Like Allah, the testimonies will multiply.

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On March 9, a horrific blast Give birth like a flying bird, another of the cities hit hard by Moscow. An image traveled around the world and quickly became a symbol of Russian barbarism: a blank-eyed, sheet-white woman clutching her full-term stomach as five rescuers carried her on a stretcher through the rubble. A hospital was bombed and the mother and her child did not survive.

Healthcare facilities are by definition a restricted attack targetBut Russia has damaged or destroyed 927 health facilities since launching its offensiveAnd the areas most affected by these bombings are Kyiv, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Mykolaiv and Karkiv.

The movie shook the world.  The attack on the maternity hospital was one of the most brutal moments of Russia's war against Ukraine so far (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)
The movie shook the world. The attack on the maternity hospital was one of the most brutal moments of Russia’s war against Ukraine so far (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

Children have become the most unfair target of Putin’s war. An agency investigation Associated Press Thousands of minors have been taken from orphanages in the bombed-out cities of Mariupol and the separatist region of Donbass. These are the children of those who died in Russian bombing, either from institutions or from foster families.

Russia says the children have no parents or legal guardians. They are neither dead nor alive, they are missing, using a perverse argument that we Latin Americans know better.

APHowever, he found it Ukrainian children were taken to Russia or to Russian-controlled territories without their permission, lying to them, telling them their parents don’t want them, and so on They were handed over to a Russian family.

Russian occupation Walled cities, Blocked roadsblocked the delivery of humanitarian aid, turned back refugee convoys to its territory, destroyed much of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and leaving the world on the brink of nuclear apocalypse with its attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear power plant Zaporizhia.

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It is a continuing practice to suffocate cities until there is any rainwater left for drinking, and to condemn entire families to be locked underground without access to food or medical care.

Pictures from the mines of the Mariupol Steel Works

The International Criminal Court It has already begun investigating Russia, but it does not have the authority to try Vladimir Putin because his country has not signed the law submitting it to the court’s jurisdiction. At this stage The idea of ​​organizing a Nuremberg-style special court grows who tried the Nazis.

The Special Court was originally proposed by a British jurist Philip Sands, which maintains that “the only real criminals are the leaders, and aggressive crime is the only way to reach the top table.” Among the supporters of this initiative European union While continuing to support the International Criminal Court, it proposes moving toward the creation of a United Nations-backed special court to “investigate and prosecute Russia’s crime of aggression.”

Ukraine wants the new court to begin functioning no later than September 2023, as it hopes to have at least collected 26,000 war crimes resulting in the deaths of 7,500 civilians, including 400 children.

The paradoxes of history, as Putin compares himself Peter the GreatAnother tsar, Nicholas, who annexed territories from Sweden and Poland, convened the Hague Convention in 1899 to codify the laws of war.

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