May 31, 2023

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RAE again objected to the cover language: “The use of the letter x is unnecessary and unpronounceable”

The RAE reaffirmed its position through Twitter inquiries

The Royal Spanish Academy Re-revealed Against the use of the included language. His position was reaffirmed when he answered two questions made by users on the social networking site Twitter with the hashtag #RAEconsultas, through which the company receives questions about the Spanish language. There, among other issues, the company considered it “The use of the letter X is unnecessary and unpronounceable.”

“Hello, RAE reports, I have a question: is this popular content language, disgusting or disgusting”, user Claudio Ruiz first asked, to which the @RAEinforma account responded: What is commonly referred to as “inclusive language” is a set of strategies aimed at avoiding the common use of grammatical masculinity, which does not imply a gender discrimination firmly established in language.

The first question RAE answered was about the language covered
The first question RAE answered was about the language covered

Similarly, user Claudia Canadas added another similar question: “Hello @RAEinforma, I also asked you a few weeks ago about these included languages, what if everyone uses them correctly? #dudaRAE “. In this case, the company responded: “Results in” #RAEconsultas “elle” form and “-e” Voices with “-o / -a” are a pair of factual sources that are encouraged to refer to those who do not recognize the gender of binary, but its use is not widespread or established “.

“#RAEconsultas, on the other hand, uses the letter” x “as a gender code that is alien to the Spanish language image, as well as unnecessary (and unpronounceable) because the grammatical masculine already executes that identity without signifying it.”, The company finished.

The second answer he considered "Unnecessary" Use of the letter x
The second answer, by which he considered the use of the letter x “unnecessary”

This is not the first time RAE has been reluctant to make this type of language change. For example, in May of this year, the director Santiago Munoz Machado Said the language of inclusion “This is ugly language in a long way”, As announced by ABC.

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During that time, he gave a presentation in legal language at ICAM, and then, after receiving questions, he consulted on gender segregation. It was then that Munas Machado explained the new formulas “we are used to”. No one is introducing a conference today in a forum like this without saying “Women and Gentlement,” he said.

In his view, the general masculine use of “covers” and the use of the third gender of “e” is not necessary. “If any of these formulas are repeated, it will be successful if it becomes the common language of the majority of Spaniards, and it will be incorporated into our common language. For example, everyone has made a lot of progress.”He commented.

“If we all try others, others and‘ others ’, if we all use father, mother and‘ adre ’, those words will eventually thrive and be incorporated into the language,” he added later, adding that various departments have already used the Spanish-speaking community to refer to the third gender.

Director of RAE, Santiago Munoz Machado (EFE / Mariscal)
Director of RAE, Santiago Munoz Machado (EFE / Mariscal)

Similarly, a legal expert and director of the RAE who specializes in administrative and constitutional law gave a detailed interview to the EL País de España newspaper in 2020. In this context, he has already raised the question: “We have beautiful and precise language. Why spoil it with inclusive language?”

“The status of the RAE is clear. Doubling changes the economy of language. And I add: and beauty. This kind of variation spoils it. “Munoz Machado insisted.

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