May 31, 2023

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Putin’s inner circle is increasingly worried and fears the worst

Human rights activist and lawyer Oleksandra Matvichuk Since 2019, Ukraine has published a comparison of how it spent its holidays. In previous years, where lights prevailed, A giant, lonely, unlit Christmas tree in 2022 is seen in the photo.

“The darkest hour is in the dawn”, However, the owner said Center for Civil RightsThis year’s winning organization Nobel Peace Prize.

After the Kremlin attack in Kiev, authorities in the Ukrainian capital released images of one of the blasts. Destroyed a hotel In the city center. The mayor of the capital also mentioned that Seven people were injured and one of them is in a “critical condition”..

Apart from Kew, there were also vandalism and fires MikolaevIn the south, there is less Two injured; And in Khmelnytskyi, in the west, where Four people They were injured.

After suffering several military setbacks on the ground, Russia opted out of October Bomb infrastructureIt caused millions of people to lose power during the winter.

within it New Year message Broadcast on state television, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, charged against the West and printed a triumphant message in the face of war conflict. “We will advance and win,” the Kremlin leader said.

In his speech, he said “moral and historical justice” is on Russia’s side, facing a wave of international condemnation for its offensive in Ukraine. For the president, 2022 was the year of “truly decisive and important events” that “laid the foundation of true freedom.”

Putin spoke to soldiers who fought in Ukraine and whom he decorated. “Today we are fighting for it and protecting our people Our own historical territories, In New constituent entities of the Russian Federation“, he added. Russia claimed it in September after launching a military offensive in February Unification of four Ukrainian territories He is somewhat controlling.

During his speech, the Russian president also criticized “True War of Obstacles” Reported by Westerners. “The people who started this expected total destruction of our industry, finances and transportation. That didn’t happen.” emphasized. In addition, he accused the United States and Europe of “cynically using Ukraine and its people to weaken and divide Russia.”

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“The West is lying about peace and preparing for aggression. Today he is not ashamed to admit it, in broad daylight”, declared the Russian head of state, and he concluded: “Together we will overcome all difficulties and keep our country great and free. We will advance and winFor the good of our families and for the good of Russia.

A Bombardment wave Including the one that hit Ukraine this Saturday KievCapital, where lessOne killed, many injured, According to local authorities.

According to the first information, one person died in the Solomiansky neighborhood. Many were injured,” said the capital’s mayor Vitaliy Klitschko telegram. Ukrainian authorities also reported vandalism and fires MikolaevIn the south, and within Yemelnitskyin the west.

2022 ends strong Explosions in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, faces an unrelenting battle. There were at least ten explosions.

“I heard an explosion in the queue! Be safe!” The mayor of the city Vitaliy Klitschko confirmed telegram.

America is worried China’s rapprochement with Russia Moscow at the same time Continues its invasion of Ukraine, they revealed from the Joe Biden administration after the presidents of both countries Vladimir Putin Y Xi Jinping, Video conference will be held. Guardian He had access to reports from top government officials.

From the US State Department they warned: “Beijing Says It’s Neutral, But Its Behavior Makes It Clear It’s Investing in Even Closer Relations with Russia”. Also, the company Reuters A spokesman close to the White House added Washington “Beijing closely monitored the move”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on September 16, 2022. (Sergey Babilev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool photo via AP)

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, Russia carries out large-scale attacks every 7 to 10 days. Looks like he’ll break it out during the winter holidays. This information was revealed by the British ministry in its latest intelligence report and published by Ukrainian media. Kyiv Independent.

Russian officials have announced Soldiers and civil servants employed in Ukraine are exempt from income tax – This is called income tax in Argentina In the latest attempt to build support for his military operation in “enemy territory”.

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AFP reports that the new move It affects all those fighting in the four Ukrainian territories that Russia has claimed as its ownOnetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. According to the decree, the military, police, members of the security services and other state employees are obliged to provide the data. About your income.

A Russian ruble coin is pictured in front of the Kremlin in central Moscow on April 28, 2022.
A Russian ruble coin is pictured in front of the Kremlin in central Moscow on April 28, 2022.Alexander Nemenov – AFP

Resolution also gives them The right to receive “rewards and prizes” if they are of a “humanitarian nature” arising as part of military operations in Ukraine. It applies to the partners and children of those they serve, and is dated before February 24, 2022, the date Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

The operation was launched as part of an incentive for the Russians to fight on Ukrainian soil. Cash gifts, banking and property services and assurance of financial assistance to families if their loved ones are killed or injured on the battlefield, handed over Guardian.

The latest statement by the forces led by President Volodymyr Zelensy was celebrated last Thursday, A total of 200 soldiers were killed in Kherson province and 115 were wounded in Zaporozhye province. The military section was later covered by the Ukrainian media Kyiv Independent A twitter.

Ukrainian soldiers enter a winter terrain and search for Russian bases
Ukrainian soldiers enter a winter terrain and search for Russian basesGood pictures

Russia has stepped up drone strikes to sustain its campaign against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure To reduce stocks of precision missiles, researched by the Institute for War Studies. Ukrainian media also reflect this information Kyiv Independent.

Kyrillo Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the Office of the President, Announced new Starlink package, part of SpaceX’s Internet service, from Poland. Both media outlets published this information Al-Jazeera Through a post in a messaging app telegram.

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Tymoshenko described: “Ukraine Receives Another Batch of Starlings, Which Will Go to Our ‘Invisibility Points’ and the Energy and Medical Spheres”, refers to hot and running places that provide hot food, electricity and internet. Links for displaced Ukrainians.

11/07/2022 A Home Starlink Antenna Starling Research and Technology Policy
11/07/2022 A Home Starlink Antenna Starling Research and Technology Policy

Local police The body of a 56-year-old woman who was shot dead by Russian soldiers in her backyard in Kherson Oblast has been exhumed., in September and during the Russian occupation, the Kherson Oblast Prosecutor’s Office confirmed. This information was published by Ukrainian media Kyiv Independent.

Foreign investors from “unfriendly” countries selling shares in Russian assets They should do it at half price or less, the finance ministry expected. Additionally, The Russian budget could be cut by 10 percent from any transaction.

Minutes of the meeting of the Commission overseeing the Foreign Investment Register Measures applicable to “foreign persons associated with foreign states engaged in hostile acts against Russian natural and legal persons” when selling propertywas handed over Al-Jazeera.

“Ruthless” countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in recent months. Including Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, US and EU members.

07/02/2022 Operarion removes Russian flag from Political Europe Council
07/02/2022 Operarion removes Russian flag from Political Europe Council

Sources close to Vladimir Putin consulted The Washington Post They were “concerned” about the current position of the Russian president and the direction the war in Ukraine is taking.

In a conversation with the American media, a Russian billionaire who had access to members of the president’s inner circle spoke about this. “Great disappointment among the people around him” And revealed: “Putin doesn’t know what to do anymore”.

Other Kremlin officials noted that the head of state “He doesn’t know what to say anymore.” Y “No plan or strategy” Facing the future of war. “He became increasingly isolated and didn’t want to talk to anyone.”They added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir PutinToss

They also published previously unpublished reactions from Putin to the advance of Russian troops on Ukrainian soil: He admitted that conditions in illegally annexed cities were “very difficult”. “The faster, the better” as his government tries to end the conflict..

The elite do not know what to believe and are afraid to think about tomorrow. To a large extent, there is a sense that there is no way out, that the situation is irreparable. They feel that they are completely dependent on a person and cannot be influenced by anything”, he concludes, pointing to one of the high-quality sources consulted.


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