March 22, 2023

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Putin said that he will not allow the export of cereals from Ukraine if the sanctions against Russian grains are not lifted

Vladimir Putin in Tehran

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, said on Tuesday that the western powers should lift restrictions on the exportation of Russian grain.

We will facilitate the exportation of grain from Ukraine, but starting from the fact that all restrictions will be lifted with possible deliveries for the exportation of Russian grain.”, said Putin to journalists after a meeting in Tehran with his peers in Iran and Turkey.

After the conversations with Erdogan and with the president of Iran, Putin told journalists that any agreement depended on the will of the West to cede something on the ground.

“Como saben, los estudiantes han levantado -esentialmente- las restrictions al supply de fertilizantes rusos a los mercados mundiales”, said Putin. “Si quieren sinceremente mejorar la situación en los mercados internationales de alimentos, espero que ocurra lo mismo con el supply de cereales rusos para la exportação”.

Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine has hindered the shipments of one of the world’s major exporters of wheat and other cereals, which has unleashed fears of a global food shortage.

Camps attacked in Ukraine (Reuters)
Camps attacked in Ukraine (Reuters)

Cereal prices in Africa, the poorest continent in the world, have skyrocketed due to the drop in exports from Ukraine, exacerbating the impact of conflicts and climate change and unleashing fear of social unrest.

Las Naciones Unidas has said that Africa is facing a “unprecedented” crisis caused by the conflict.

Turkey, a member of NATO, has taken advantage of its good relations both with the Kremlin and with Kiev to try to reach an agreement on a safe way to deliver grain.

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El miércoles, las delegaciones rusa y ucraniana tienen previsto reunirse en Estambul junto turcos y de la UNU, con la esperanza de que se anuncie un acuerdo.

(With information from AFP)