March 22, 2023

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Pope Francis leaves the Vatican to visit a log shop in central Rome

Francis enters a record store in Rome

Pope On Tuesday, Francis left the Vatican in surprise to visit a record store in downtown Rome. He was already aware of other occasions when he came to the Italian capital as Cardinal and Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and received a record Traditional music as a gift from the owners.

Francisco’s arrival took place just before 8:00 pm on Tuesday (19:00 GMT). Supreme Pontiff arrived at the scene The white Fiat 500 is almost inconspicuous, with low profile and minimal access.

Establishment, its name “Stereosound” is one of the smallest and most historic music shops in Rome, located near the Pantheon.Journalist Javier Martínez Brocal, who was at the scene, explained.

Several policemen waited outside the premises without losing sight of some of the taxi drivers who saw him.

Jorge Bergoglio, passionate about music, a On March 13, 2013, he was in the shop when he went to Rome, where he has not been since being elected pope. So on one occasion when the owners met him, he promised to return to the store, which was fulfilled today, according to the owners Martínez Brocal said.

According to the journalist, Francisco was slightly more than he was inside the “stereosound” 12 minutes, in which he was blessed To the senior owner of the place, his daughter and his nephew.

Francisco was very loving on his arrival. It is rare for him to leave the Vatican for personal reasons. In fact, he recently explained that he did it three times: To see a writer who escaped from the Auschwitz camps Edith Brooke; To a teacher, Mara90, taught at the University of La Sabienza; And a Friend of the Italian journalist for his mother’s death.

Pope Francis in a file photo (EFE)
Pope Francis in a file photo (EFE)

I was able to see him too Twice when I went in person to the center of Rome to buy some shoes and some glasses, Among the credibility of passers-by.

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“I had to take them to the Vatican yesterday, but the pope told his secretary, ‘No, I do not want Spigia to come here; I will go to Via del Papuino’ ‘. Minutes after Francisco left with his new pair of glasses, the owner of the optics expert, Alessandro Speizia, was revealed in 2015.

A year later, pictures Attempts to wear Francisco shoes went viral on social media.

(With information from EFE)

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