March 26, 2023

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Pope Francis has said that getting the corona virus vaccine is “a moral obligation” “The most reasonable solution to the disease”

During his traditional message to diplomats recognized at the Vatican, Pope Francis questioned the fields against vaccination And made a strong call for the use of doses against Govt. I confirm that Vaccines are the “most reasonable solution” Said to prevent infection and vaccinate them “A Moral Duty” To be implemented.

“It simply came to our notice then Where effective vaccination campaigns are carried out, the risk of serious progression of the disease is reduced“, The pope stressed at the traditional meeting to open the political year of St. Zion in the presence of representatives of 183 states.

He emphasized this at the beginning of his message “Hygiene is a moral obligation” And launched a lateral critique of anti-vaccine movements: “Many times we allow ourselves to be influenced by the ideology of the moment, Often based on unsubstantiated reports or poorly documented facts, “he said.

“Vaccines are not magical tools to cure, but they are definitely the most reasonable solution to prevent the disease, along with the therapies that are being developed.”, Sentence in that direction.

Call for better reporting on the benefits of vaccines

The 85-year-old pope, who has already received three doses of the vaccine, called for “explicit communication on issues and appropriate measures to address them.” Then he regretted it “Uncertainty and lack of communication clarity in the results creates confusion and distrust It also threatens social cohesion and triggers new tensions. “

In his speech, Francisco said, “On a personal level,”Politics must be determined in the interest of the people Through prevention and immunization decisions, citizens can feel involved and responsible by challenging them. “

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Therefore, he considered it “important to continue efforts to provide immunizations to as many people as possible”, in which the work “needs a variety” Commitment at the personal, political and international community level Overall “.

Personally, according to Jorge Bergoglio, “We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and our health. Respect for the health of those closest to us“.

In a speech in which he reviewed many of the apparent conflicts around the world, the Pope asked immigrants and the security of the earth, while at the same time warning of so-called dangers. “Culture of Cancellation” This can lead to “single thinking”.