May 30, 2023

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Politicians’ first reactions to protests by Bolsonaro supporters

After Thousands of followers of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro Today the Planaldo Palace, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court were invaded (STF, Brazilian Supreme Court), il Brazil, some political leaders in the region began issuing statements about the incidents. From Argentina, Alberto Fernandez wrote in his account Twitter: “Those who try to ignore the will of the majority threaten democracy and deserve not only the relevant legal sanction but also the complete rejection of the international community”.

In a detailed post on his account on that social network, the Argentine president continued: “As President of Celac [Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños] I called on member states to be alert so that we can unite against this unacceptable anti-democratic reaction that Mercosur is trying to impose itself on Brazil.. Fernández gave his full support to the Brazilian people to “protect democracy” and spoke of “not allowing the return of the specter of a coup promoted by the right.”

Afternoon, Vice President Christina Kirchner He also expressed his opinion against riots. “The images in Brasilia today mirror those of the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2021. It’s not accidental…”, wrote the national officer. “We trust Lula’s experience to face this real challenge to democracy in Brazil”, he reflected.

Principal Santiago cafiero too He publicly disavowed the actions of the protestors: “In the face of right-wing coup activities in Brazil, we express our solidarity with Lula and raise our voices in defense of Brazilian democracy.”.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta It echoed what was happening in the neighboring country. “Deeply concerned about attacks on democratic institutions in Brazil. “My absolute condemnation of the act of violence and my total solidarity and support for Lula and all the Brazilian people,” wrote the Buenos Aires head of government.

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One of the first to protest was the President Colombia, Gustavo Pedro. “All my solidarity with the people of Brazil. “Fascism decides to strike.”The President called the members Organization of American States (OAS) It called for “urgent” unification and the application of the organization’s democratic charter.

“It is urgent time for the OAS meeting if it wants to continue living as an institution and use the democratic charter,” Pedro posted on his Twitter account. Pedro took the opportunity to recall that his government defended strengthening the inter-American human rights system by applying existing regulations and expanding the Charter for Women’s, Environmental and Collective Rights “but not retaliatory parliamentary coups or violent coups by the extreme right.”

The Chilean president, one of the heads of state who expressed his opinion, said the Bolsonaroistas’ “unprecedented attack on the three powers of the Brazilian state.” Gabriel Boric. The official said the Brazilian government had support against what he described “Cowardly and vicious attack on democracy”.

Evo Morales It was obvious: “Conspiracy will not end. Democracy will win.”. The former Bolivian president called on the entire international community, multilateral organizations and democratic governments to “form a united front to defend democracy in Brazil.”

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, “strongly” condemned the “violent and anti-democratic” acts in Brazil, as he understood that they were aimed at “creating chaos” and failed to comply with the “will of the people” expressed in the 2022 elections, in which Bolsonaro was defeated. For his part, he President of Ecuadorr, conservative Guillermo LazoAdded to this was criticism against “disrespectful and vandalizing activities” against “democratic institutions” because they “attack the democratic order and the security of citizens.”

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“We categorically reject the violence created by Bolsonaro’s neo-fascist groups that have attacked Brazil’s democratic institutions. “Our support to Lula and the Brazilian people will surely rally in defense of peace and its president,” the Venezuelan president wrote. Nicolás Maduro.

Andres Lopez ObradorChairman MexicoThe coup attempt by Brazil’s conservatives was encouraged by the oligarchic leadership, their spokesmen and fans.

Pedro SanchezChairman Spanish government, “We strongly condemn the attack on the Brazilian Congress and call for an immediate return to democratic normalcy.” The President gave da Silva his full support and mentioned democracy.

Likewise, Yolanda Díaz, Spain’s Second Vice-President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, expressed her concern. Hundreds of Bolsonaro sympathizers broke through police barriers and stormed the headquarters of the Brazilian Congress, the presidential palace, Planado Palace and the headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court in Brasilia. This Sunday.

President of France Emmanuel Macron, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva expressed France’s “unfailing support” while asking them to “respect the institutions” of Brazil.. up to America Through White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, he indicated that he condemns any attempt to undermine democracy in Brazil.

“President of the United States Joe Biden He is monitoring the situation closely, and our support for Brazil’s democratic institutions is unwavering. Brazil’s democracy will not be shaken by violence,” he said on Twitter. A Homeland Security spokesman said AFP Biden “has been informed and will continue to be informed.”

The Argentine Representative Nicolas Del Cano He wrote on his social networks: “Our energetic rejection of the coup d’état by the Bolsonaros who took over the Brazilian Congress”.

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President of the National House of Representatives, Cecilia MoreyHe also rejected the takeover of the Brazilian Congress by activists linked to Bolsonaro and expressed his solidarity with President Lula da Silva. “As president of the delegation, I firmly reject the takeover of the Brazilian National Congress and express all my solidarity with President Lula,” the legislator said on his Twitter account. “These actions show that democracy faces hate and needs to fight intolerance with more dialogue”.

Meanwhile, the Extreme National Deputy Mario Negri He expressed his “absolute rejection” of coup attempts by Bolsonaro’s followers in Brazil and wished for “order and democracy” to prevail in the neighboring country. The president of the UCR’s delegation and the head of the parliamentary inter-parliamentary of Together for Change (JxC) said on his Twitter account: “I hope that order and democracy will prevail throughout Brazil!”, he stressed.

From Spain, Pablo Fernandez, spokesman for the left-wing political party Podemos, announced on his Twitter account. Twitter Regarding Bolsonaro’s followers: They are enemies of democracy.


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