May 31, 2023

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Political concern in Latin America over a possible deal between Alex Chop and an American judge

Lula da Silva, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez

Alex Niemstein’s star began to fade on July 25, 2019, the day the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) granted permission to a Colombian-Venezuelan citizen. Venezuela organizer of the Corruption and Money Laundering Network in support of Nicolas Maduro and his regime. However, when he was detained in Cape Verde on June 12, 2020, Chopin’s firm decline occurred when he traveled to Tehran to finalize agreements to convert Venezuela’s gold into Iranian oil.

Today, Saab is being held in a US federal prison. He was accused of having benefited from 22 high-priced contracts, of repeated fraud, and of being involved in the Venezuelan government’s food program, known as the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAPs). The chain of heinous crimes he is accused of represents the oil network of shell companies that embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from the corruption of the Savista regime using the financial and banking system of many countries in the United States and around the world. .

In the same case, the U.S. federal judge Investigates Nicolas Maduro’s (Walter, Yoswall and Yoser) 3 foster children. He received money from Chap in exchange for contracts desired by his stepfather’s government. What else, Saab formed alliances with regime officials Tarek El-Issami and Diostato Cabello To manage the vast criminal network he used to harm Venezuela’s oppressed people. Treasury officials point to several officials behind Maduro’s corruption networks and the structure of shell companies benefiting from illegal businesses controlled by the Bolivarian Armed Forces. Corruption in the CLAP scheme allowed Maduro and his family members to steal hundreds of millions of dollars for their own benefit. In that operation, Saab is suspected of embezzling millions of dollars for rule in Miami and New York in violation of U.S. federal laws.

Three years after being approved by the OFAC, the United States has released a millionaire reward for information leading to his arrest. Alvaro Pulito, Chapin’s partner, Officials from the agencies responsible for the investigation into the Caribbean dictator’s leader in Florida are beginning to manipulate the new names of politicians and officials from various Latin American governments involved in the criminal networks of the Saab and Venezuelan regimes.

Former Colombian Senator Petad Cordoba One of the names associated with Sabin’s illegal activities is the person who presented Cordoba to him at the Miraflores Palace, so the left-wing leader may be subject to U.S. justice demands, and a similar situation may occur for the former president. Ollanta Humala (President of Peru between 2011 and 2016) and Evo Morales Ayma (President of Bolivia between 2006 and 2019). Meanwhile, Alex Chop will continue to be detained in the United States on the orders of Judge John O’Sullivan, who refused to grant him bail.

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The Saab situation creates a well-established unrest in the Caribbean regime. “They should only worry in Caracas; Many former rulers of Latin American countries should be aware of what is happening to him, “said a source close to the Florida FBI office.. Alex Sop must answer for the crime of embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars using the US financial and banking system, which is a serious violation of federal law and carries a sentence of 20 to 25 years in prison. An American prison.

Colombian businessman Alex Saab has been arrested in Florida, USA
Colombian businessman Alex Saab has been arrested in Florida, USA

Since Chab is a Colombian citizen, Florida judicial authorities began working with Colombian courts this week to investigate him for real competition involving the same crimes and money laundering and heinous fraud. Chapin’s criminal record began in the late 1990s, when he co – founded a textile company called Schodex with Cynthia Ospina (his first wife), which, according to the Colombian Attorney General’s Office, transferred more than $ 2,000 million in assets to the late government. President Hugo Chavez Frias between 2004 and 2011. According to an investigation by the Colombian judiciary, it did so through false foreign trade activities concentrated in Venezuela, where there was a preferential dollar exchange system due to Bolivar’s persistent devaluation. The body is governed by a governing body called the National Foreign Exchange Authority (CAVIDI). Many local and foreign companies have used this method to make four times the profit through imaginary exports for millions of dollars.

However, in mid-2009, a crisis arose between President Chavez and Colombian President Alvaro Euribe, which resulted in Venezuela stopping paying Colombian suppliers, and one of the victims of SAAP, about $ 28 million in its companies, was frozen by Caracas. At the time, Saab was meeting with Pedro Cர்டrdoba, a candidate for the presidency of Colombia at the time who helped pay for him. Name-loan job, it was a step towards big business that allowed him to become a billionaire. However, today Saab has lost all his property in Colombia, and after his arrest in Cape Verde, the Colombian judge destroyed all of its assets and possessions in Bogotிலும் and its native city of Barranquilla, many times over millions of domains.

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Additional reports from judicial officials and Colombian anti-narcotics agencies were sent to their U.S. counterparts this week. Saab’s criminal networks, but not only in Venezuela and Colombia, but also in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Iran, Italy, Mexico, China, Peru, Turkey, Russia, and the United States. United Arab Emirates, Bahamas and Panama. In a way, that information is a confirmation of Chapin’s vulnerability, a secret known not only to Maduro, but to dozens of politicians and businessmen in the aforementioned countries, whose footsteps have been affected by the relationships it has developed. Businesses involved in illegal activities and government corruption, mainly in money laundering and fraudulent financial activities against various international financial institutions.

Sabine’s current situation is very compromising, his legal status offers him some alternatives, his case has been reduced to years in prison or he benefits from a plan to work with the U.S. judiciary. However, while he was in custody in Cape Verde, while his deportation was in progress, he had informal conversations with treasury officials and the US Anti-Doping Agency (DEA), which is considered a pioneer; But when Saab and his lawyers deported him, he did not expect his current wife (Italian Camila Fabri) and his two young daughters to be placed in the “care” of dictator Maduro in Venezuela. This situation drastically changed the situation of Saab and the American authorities who were waiting for his cooperation without the condition caused by the stay of his wife and daughters, who are considered hostages of Nicolas Maduro today, in Caracas.

Another case of political turmoil in Latin America over the arrest of Saab is taking place in Brazil, where many of the officials who formed the government of former President Lula are concerned about what Saab can do to bring justice to the United States. The same thing is happening in Bolivia with former President Evo Morales. While at Miraflores Palace, the virtual kidnapping discovered by Chapin’s wife and daughters is Maduro’s reinsurance, so his predecessor is quiet.

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Between Monday and Tuesday this week, federal officials showed numerous pieces of evidence against Saab and his lawyer. Faced with the burden of evidence presented to him, he knew he could not legally escape. Investigators have been scrutinizing every single one of its activities inside and outside the United States for the past 5 years, and the evidence is overwhelming. It remains to be seen what the prisoner’s behavior will be and whether he will cooperate. The source, who was consulted by Infobae, unofficially indicated that he had been given 30 days to define his position on cooperating with justice. Chab knows that if he wants to be quiet to protect the integrity of his wife and daughters, he will have to spend many years in prison before seeing them again. It is speculated that in return for cooperating with the investigation he may ask the United States to remove his young daughters and his wife from Venezuela so that he and his family can reap some benefits.

No one like Saab knows every single one of Maduro’s illegal businesses. Thus, as an expression of the fear that Saab would speak out, Maduro described the deportation of Colombians as an abduction and abuse of US imperialism. However, the concern of the Caribbean dictator is that Saab has been his most important president in recent years for dozens of crimes, including drug trafficking, the purchase of vehicles for agricultural livestock from Brazil and Argentina, and the acquisition of satellite technology systems. Russia and China also sold illegally mined gold to Iran in exchange for oil and missile systems.

Federal authorities have no doubt that 21st century socialism – founded by Hugo Chavez and pursued by Nicolas Maduro – is on a twist in confronting the information and secrets that Saab deals with, and many Venezuelan opposition officials believe. The success of the trial in the Saab case could be a turning point leading to the fall of the Savista dictatorship.

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