May 31, 2023

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Photos with weapons and bulletproof vest: Who is the youth killed with 15 gunshots in Laria area?

He was identified as the teenager who was murdered in Mexico and La Republica on Thursday night Franco Nicolás González, 24 years old. According to reports employed by Intentional Homicide Attorney Georgina Pirola, Got 15 shots Attackers on motorcycles.

Relatives and neighbors rushed Gonzalez to Alberti Hospital, where he died. What is that situation? created surprise Santa Fe reported to Claudio Brilloni’s Secretary of Defense that the body was missing when he arrived at the scene of the attack and gave reports. Telenite Rosario (Three).

The victim, known only by a pseudonym, was identified as evidence gathered by the Criminal Investigation Agency’s homicide unit. “Thula” means “Dulita”.. The version initially established by the witnesses was that the young man was riding his motorcycle Another motorcycle paralleled him and the passenger hit him with bullets.

They abducted the scene of the murder 15 pods are supplied in 9mm calibre and an intact cartridge of the same size.

Gonzalez was attacked while riding a motorcycle. (Photo: Alan Monzón/Rosario3)

Gonzalez had registered his address at Felipe Moray at 100 PC. In the same block, Last Wednesday also Heavy firing Three people were injured.

Its cover image stands out from the Facebook account of the pseudonym “Tula”. A pistol and a machine gun. Also, among the photos uploaded by him, one photo on December 31st stands out. Posing with a ballistic vest.

After he posted the cover photo with the gun, several users suggested he delete the image, and another called him names “El Chapo de Luduena” Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán refers to Lora.

Four blocks from where Gonzalez was killed, The Conflict between a non-commissioned officer of the Community Police (who was in civilian clothes) and two thieves who were shot dead.

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