May 31, 2023

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Peru: Five Days of Polwart Marked by Repression | Castillo declared himself “humiliated, ill-informed, mistreated and kidnapped”.

From Lima

A premiere with Reduction of repression, deaths and presidential mandate Due to public pressure. Marked that The first days of Tina Polwart’s presidency, replacing Pedro Castillo, who was fired last Wednesday. In the midst of a social outburst, which has been affected by protests in different parts of the country, six people have already been killed and dozens injured in clashes with the police – among them a woman shot in the eye by shrapnel -, President Pollarde announced. Progress of Presidential and Congressional Elections. At the same time, on Twitter, Castillo denounced being “humiliated, ill-informed, mistreated and kidnapped”. And he added: I will not resign or abandon my high and sacred duties.

They ask for Castillo’s freedom

The central demands of the protests were to bring forward the elections and shut down the Congress and the Constituent Assembly. They have taken over the streets and highways to shut down parliament, which tried unsuccessfully to oust Castillo from the presidency after the right-wing Congress ousted him. Further Castillo’s freedom is sought. Polwart pointed out that he made the decision to go ahead with the elections by “interpreting the interests of the majority”. Congress must approve this early election. In his message, Boluarte also announced state of emergency In areas where resistance is strong.

The president announced the early elections in a televised message delivered just after midnight on Sunday. By this decision, Elections are due to be held in April 2024, reducing Poluarte’s term by two years, which was to end Castillo’s term in 2026.. But the announcement to call ahead elections did not calm spirits and protests continued, even escalating in various regions. The protests have been joined by a widespread sentiment of “all must go” and demands for elections before 2024.Anger against Congress, identified with corruption and the anti-democratic right, focused on Castillo’s removal, deepening inequalities and deferred social demands, and support for the now-imprisoned Castillo.

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“Everybody go”

“Shut down the corruption and coup Congress”, “Dina Drogi resign”, “New elections”, “Let everything go”, were the main demands heard and recited at the rallies covering a good part of the country, including Lima. A Constituent Assembly is needed to replace the constitution inherited from the Fujimori dictatorship.. The Right blocked that opportunity in Congress. “Castillo Libertad” is another slogan heard among sections of the protesters.

In the Andean regions, the most important protests and severe repressions are taking place. Former President Castillo was of Andean descent, and it was in this sector that he had the greatest support. Clashes broke out between protesters and the police in various areas on Monday. Strong protests have taken place in the province of Andahuaylas in the Andean region Apurimac From which President Boularde is a native. 5 people died in this area. The sixth death occurred in the southern region Arequipa, the airport and the dairy plant of Gloria Company, the country’s largest dairy group, were taken over on Monday. Police stations were attacked in various areas and picketing continued on various highways blocking routes.

It faced demands to hold elections before April 2024. The government says the established timeline must go through Congress because of the need for constitutional reform and must be ratified in two assemblies or in one assembly and in a plebiscite. He hints that with the election progressing, he will propose to Congress a package of reforms to the political system that will give more stability to the next governments, rather than just between the same parties that are now discredited. . Central to that instability was the president’s summary impeachment for the vague figure of “moral incapacity,” which Castillo wanted to apply three times. With a government without its own bench, citizen pressure is essential to moving these reforms forward in Congress. With a weak government and a discredited Congress, the April 2024 deadline for new elections may be too long.

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Accused of being a “traitor” by Castillo’s supporters, the immediate resignation of Poluarte is being demanded on the streets and in congressional circles close to Castillo. With Boluarte’s resignation, new elections will be accelerated, which will be called in four months.. The problem with this alternative, some say, is until the new government takes office Retired far-right General Jose Williams, a Congress leader, will assume the country’s presidency.A person accused of human rights abuses has a parliamentary majority on his side, which poses a greater risk to democracy.

On Monday, the head of the cabinet, Pedro Angulo, and the interior and defense ministers went to Congress to explain the tense situation in the country and the deaths during the protests. Angulo has accused residents protesting in the streets of being “part of a conspiracy”, further exacerbating spirits. Ministers accused Left politicians and leaders in the Congress of “fostering” the mobilizations to “create confusion” in alignment with the Right.. They indicated they were sorry for the deaths, but did not accept any responsibility.

From the right they criminalized protestsThey demanded more repression from the government, shouting “a strong hand” and demanding that the armed forces take to the streets. Threateningly, left-wing legislators were accused of being “terrorists” for defending the right to protest and condemning repression. From the left they condemned the “excessive use of force”, called for an end to repression and took up popular demands for early elections and a Constituent Assembly.

A fortress without jurisdiction

Almost simultaneously with the presidential announcement to call for elections, Congress removed Castillo’s jurisdiction Insults and blows were exchanged in the hours-long heated session that began on Sunday afternoon and culminated in the early hours of this Monday morning. The decision, approved by 67 votes in favor and 45 against, removes Castillo’s right to a trial. It allows Castillo, who has been detained since Wednesday, to remain in jail And he was prosecuted for sedition and conspiracy, which was the unconstitutional prosecution of the former president for attempting to shut down Congress. Castillo is in jail with a preliminary arrest warrant that expires this Wednesday, which is why the right-wing parliamentary majority quickly increased its jurisdiction and ordered his detention, enabling the possibility of opening criminal proceedings. . “Castilistas” legislators and other left-wing groups denounced the decision to remove Castillo’s jurisdiction as a violation of the Constitution and Congressional rules, circumventing procedures and deadlines, violating due process and the former president’s right to immunity.

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