March 22, 2023

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PARIS: They arrested the prime suspect in the murder of Lola, a 12-year-old girl who was found dead in a suitcase.

The French prosecutor’s office arrested a 24-year-old Algerian woman on Monday Murder of a 12-year-old girl, in a case that shocked Paris, her body was found inside a suitcase. A murderer who presents with psychological problems is charged Murder and rape along with torture and barbaric acts.

Also, the arrest of a 43-year-old man has been ordered He would have picked up the alleged author of the murder.

The lifeless body of Lola Daviet He appeared on Friday night in the common area of ​​the building where he livedLocated in the capital of France, following the disappearance of the young girl by her parents, she did not return from her educational center located a few meters from her home.

The possible perpetrator of the heinous crime – Dahbia – was identified by security forces through video surveillance images of the building where the schoolgirl lived. With this, a witness pointed out The presence of this woman would have asked him for help in moving a large and heavy suitcase to a vehicle.

The suspect, described as “fringe,” walked between the homes of relatives and close friends. Her older sister, 26, who lived in the same building as Lola’s family, had decided to welcome her into her home in the days before the crime. After being imprisoned He was in shock.

Another man, a friend of the main female prisoner, He was also accused of hiding the body of the young womanAccording to judicial sources.

The 12-year-old girl was last seen with a stranger

According to the forensic police report, Lola died of suffocation. The first experiments were indicated Major neck injuries. His hands and feet were tied. There were two notes Post it On his leg, one is marked “0” and the other is “1”, a large cloth covering most of his body.

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An investigation will be conducted in the coming days to determine the motive for the murder based on the testimony of the jailed woman. They will also seek to reconstruct what happened from the girl’s disappearance to the discovery of her body by a homeless man in his 40s.

Meanwhile, at George Brassens High School, where Minor was studying- Fear and distrust rule. In the morning, the parents’ representatives of the students coordinated themselves and pacified the students. “My daughter is scared. He doesn’t want to come today.” A mother said.

Mafi, another 45-year-old mother who attended the class with Lola, confirmed this “He doesn’t want to eat anything.” “My daughter cried all weekend and she couldn’t sleep till now,” said Kasmi, a father of two. “We can’t trust anyone in our neighborhood now. I’m very scared,” he said candidly.

A description card "Keep calm lol" A few meters away from the apartment where the young lady lived
A card with the caption “Rest in peace, Lola” is located a few meters from the apartment where the young woman lived.

Education Minister Bob Ndiaye visited the study center on the day, where he was part of a minute’s silence in the teachers’ room and the classroom where the young woman attended her classes. In the context of the traumatic incident that took place on October 14, French authorities have dispatched a psychological support unit to traumatized students, teachers and parents For the drama set in this crowded family neighborhood.

Mayor of Paris and other political leaders They expressed shock on Monday over the girl’s death. “Paris grieves for little Lola. Our thoughts are with her and her family,” tweeted councilor Ann Hidalgo, who visited the high school in the northeast of the French capital on Monday.

Residents of the district expressed their grief and shock by placing numerous floral bouquets and tributes.
Residents of the district expressed their grief and shock by placing numerous floral bouquets and tributes.

In this way, the people of the district expressed their sadness and grief by making deposits Bunches of flowers and tributes lay at the base of the building where the 12-year-old girl lived. White, pink and yellow flowers hang from the portal, located in the eastern residential district of Paris.

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