March 22, 2023

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Parinas, injury time: Maduro’s fraud around the world

Dictator Nicolas Maduro seeks to retain power in Paris at all costs (EFE / RAYNER PEÑA R.)

The dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro is no longer hidden. The regime initially tried to show a democratic face by summoning EU (EU) representatives to monitor the November 21 regional elections, proving once again that the electoral setback could not be tolerated. Despite the National Election Council (CNE) announcing the victory of the opposition in a few states, The Parinas case once again exposed Savismo’s fraud and anti-democratic sentiment.

According to data from the Chavista CNE, Opposition candidate Freddie Superlano (Popular Will) won the governorship with 37.60% of the vote., Compared to 37.21% harvested by former President Hugo Chavez’s brother and former state governor Argenis Chavez. But the dictatorship did not allow the transfer of power “in the cradle of revolution.” In the first instance, in a completely unusual and arbitrary maneuver, he canceled the election. Subsequently, he disqualified Superlano from office and called for new elections next January 9, 2022.

Due to a lack of popular support, its new candidate for the presidency, George W. Bush, was appointed after the resignation of former Foreign Minister Argentine Chavez. Because, Between Sunday and Monday he removed each of the applicants who had registered for the Democratic Solidarity Schedule (MUD).

Following Superlano’s arbitrary disqualification, Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections on Saturday, Wife of the leader of the Popular Bow. However, on Sunday, when the MUD tried to register its application, He was rejected by the National Electoral Council on the grounds that he had been disqualified. The reason? It is unknown.

Faced with this situation, the opposition turned to other important alternatives to run for governor. Deputy Julio Caesar Reyes, Former Vice President of the National Assembly (2018) and Chairman of the Superlano Campaign. But he too was disabled for no reason.

In an interview with Infobae Luis Pedro Castillo “there is no legal argument to justify these disqualifications”, Who was recently sworn in as deputy to the legislature and was one of the opposition’s options to run for governor of Paris.


In the case of Freddie Superlano, the Supreme Court (TSJ) decided to cancel the election after receiving constitutional protection action. Adolfo Ramon SuperlanoApproved by the United States on January 5, 2020 for illegally occupying the headquarters of the National Assembly, he was accused of belonging to a group of opponents of the regime’s action as parliament prepared to elect new officials. Scorpion “. However, the dictatorship offered no explanation for the disqualification of Silva and Reyes.

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The strategy is clear: disqualify the most influential candidates from the MUD and, instead, find an applicant created for you. In other words, allowing the appointment of an opposition official who is an ally of Chavismo.

Selected Claudio Fermin, Registered the Democratic Action Party (AD) led by the former deputy Bernabeu Guttress. The latter was allowed by the US in September last year because it was seen by Washington as “a key figure in placing the control of the opposition in the hands of politicians affiliated with the Nicolas Maduro regime, undermining any credible challenge from the opposition.”

Another blatant fraud case against Fermin. Being close to dictatorship beyond what he was hand-appointed, he is not a voter in Parinas. “The constitution establishes that they must reside within their jurisdiction for three years. For this reason, we had to remove several candidates; For example, candidates for councilors are not from that constituency, “Castillo said.

The interesting thing about this case is that Fermin ran as a candidate, at first, the CNE organization prevented him from registering because he did not vote there. But within hours, the problem was solved: the Electoral Commission – affiliated with Savismo – executed his candidacy.

Venezuela's National Electoral Council operates under the strict orders of dictator Nicolas Maduro.
Venezuela’s National Electoral Council operates under the strict orders of dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The Venezuelan opposition deputy considered it “even worse.” Application by George ArezaAnnounced by the leadership of the United Socialist Party (PSUV) in Maduro and Venezuela on Sunday: “He lives in Caracas, he’s been president and minister … he does not live here in Parinas, but there is no objection from CNE to his application.

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Castillo argued that Areza’s election was the answer Maduro’s maneuver in the structure of his civil war with Diostato Cabello. As he explained, PSUV vice-president Chavista is trying to keep the Axis in power, while the dictator seeks greater influence in the state of llanero: “Aresa is the figure of the tough Madurismo, always consistent. The argument is that he is the ex-husband of one of Chavez’s daughters, which makes him addicted to Chavismo.

According to election officials, the same voter register will be used from January 9 to November 21 next. In this way, Arias, the former president of the dictatorship (2017-2021) and the Minister of Industry and National Production (2021), could not vote in Paris. Of course, the CNE, in a new arbitrary and unconstitutional decision, did not change the polls.

“Dictatorship is playing to motivate us. But the sentiment of the people is very angry and they want to beat and defeat them. In the last election, the turnout was very high but the people saw that they could beat them,” Castillo pointed out, despite the regime’s continued abuses and obstacles. UT elections.

However, he warned that competing against the dictatorship could have serious consequences, such as “imprisonment” or some form of “attempted suicide”: “This is the same script from Nicaragua.” “These people do not know what will happen; These are the dangers of being considered a leader who wants change, ”he said.

Hours after the deadline set by the CNE for nominating candidates expires, Freddy Superlano announced his candidacy for the MUD on Monday afternoon Sergio Garrido will be the leader of the opposition, A recently elected deputy to the state legislature: “We’ll see if they can say he was disqualified.”

Opposition leader Freddie Superlano won the governorship of Paris on November 21, but was disqualified by a Savista judge (EFE / Rayner Peña R.).
Opposition leader Freddie Superlano won the governorship of Paris on November 21, but was disqualified by a Savista judge (EFE / Rayner Peña R.).

From November 22, the day after the election, Completely militarized by the security forces of the Parinas regime. Purpose: To avoid demonstrations and mass protests. Considering the growing military presence, Superlano pointed out that “Paris now looks like the capital of the country.”

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Is clear Maduro’s dictatorship cannot hand over power to Chavez’s cradle. Parinas has a decisive symbolic element to Chavismo, who has ruled unhindered for 23 years: first it is his father. Hugo de los Reyes Chavez, Then brothers of the former president, Adam and Argenis. So a failure would end the dynasty they have built over the past two decades.

The state became one of the main centers of organized crime. With a growing presence of local and Colombian guerrilla groups. Moreover, the commander’s family has stood alone in several corruption cases since coming to power.

“They did what they wanted. Parinas is a small state like Venezuela: we have oil, livestock production, agriculture … In terms of natural resources, it is a very rich state, but it does not translate the quality of life of the people. Here you see any kind of strange business where someone thinks money is being laundered; They are businesses that have no fairness. Parking lots are always empty, but businesses have everything, ”Castillo said. And I add: “This is a model of laundry and corruption that exists here.”

Whatever happens in the nomination, Maduro’s fraud is already known around the world. Regardless of the number of votes the candidates received, the regime expects that on January 9, the state of Perrinas will be in the hands of Savismo with every fury in it. “There is so much noise that Madurismo thinks that losing Parinas will be a kind of referendum. They fear that people will be encouraged to come out against themselves.”Castillo finished.

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