Haley Palmer

by Judy La Russa

Millville resident Haley Palmer has just earned the title of Northern California Teen USA, a stepping stone to compete for Miss Teen California honors.

This all came about after Haley’s mother Sue filled out an online submission without her knowledge. Several days later, Haley received a phone call from a Miss Teen California representative. Thinking it was a joke, she declined an interview. After speaking to her mom, she then realized it was the real thing. Haley called back hoping to get the same over-the-phone interview that is required to compete.  After a successful one-on-one phone interview, she was informed that she had advanced to the next competition stage that took place in Concord, Calif.  After qualifying in Concord, Haley has another preliminary competition in southern California in Jan. 2013, where she will hopefully be confirmed as a Miss Teen California contestant. “A country girl coming from the little town of Millville competing in a big time competition down in southern California is crazy for me to imagine,” said an excited Haley.

Haley says that competing is a great way to gain self confidence and gives credit to her mom for giving her the ultimate push and encouragement through the whole process.

Born and raised in Millville, Haley lives with her parents Joe and Sue, and two brothers Kyle and Tyler. Attending Millville Elementary from kindergarten through eighth grade and graduating from Foothill High School, Haley is currently enrolled at Shasta College with future plans to major in criminology.

During her spare time, Haley volunteers as a cheerleading junior coach, helping young girls learn to cheer for Foothill Junior Cougars’  alongside main coaches Becki Smith and Vicki Estrada. “Two wonderful ladies [Smith and Estrada] that I look up too. I have known them for over seven years and they have helped me to advance in my coaching skills and the teaching enjoyment I receive in working with the young girls,” said Haley.  Besides the Foothill Junior Cougars, she has also volunteered for the Millville and Mountain View Middle Schools cheerleading programs.

In the future, Haley hopes to help young teens who are faced with depression, an occurrence she has personal experience with. “I want kids to feel like they’re not alone—they have someone to talk to and understand. And also to prevent or cope with bullying in schools,” said Haley.

Haley also has a passion to help raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, a condition her grandmother suffers from.  “My grandmother, Margaret Kidwell is everything to me and seeing someone close to you with M.S. is tough. But, she’s a strong lady and has her husband and family by her side.”

Haley invites people to her Facebook fan page ‘Haley Palmer for Miss California Teen USA 2013’  “Whoever is interested please check it out and click “like” on my page!”

If anyone would like to help Haley raise funds for her crown, they can go to a sponsor page designed just for the contestants located at www.sponsorthanks.com/search-contestants and type in her name HALEY PALMER.

Good luck Haley!