Wade_Candice Daniels_William Perez_SherriOn Sept. 8, 2016  Carole Hardcastle, 67 years, was involved in a single vehicle traffic collision on Highway 299 near Kern Drive in Bella Vista, California. As a result of the collision, Hardcastle sustained a significant traumatic head injury and was transported to a local area hospital where she remained in an Intensive Care Unit for 4 days.

While Hardcastle was still at the scene of the collision, and prior to her transport to a hospital, one of her family members received a phone call from a female subject calling from Hardcastle’s phone. The female subject identified herself as a nurse at the scene of the collision and told the family member she would be at the hospital where Hardcastle was admitted. The female subject, representing herself as a nurse, told the family member she needed Hardcastle’s passcode to her cellphone in order to access Hardcastle’s medical information. The female caller eventually identified herself as Candace Wade, and advised the family member that she had retrieved Hardcastle’s purse at the accident scene and would return it to Hardcastle’s family members. However, when family members arrived at the hospital, they eventually determined Wade was not at the location and Hardcastle’s purse was missing.

In the days following Hardcastle’s admittance to the hospital, family members were notified of fraudulent transactions occurring on Hardcastle’s debit card. On 09/16/2016, a family member of Hardcastle contacted the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and a criminal investigation was initiated.

During the ensuing investigation, Deputy Tim Wiley went to local businesses where the fraudulent transactions occurred and obtained video surveillance. In review of surveillance footage, Sherri Perez and William Daniels were identified as using Hardcastle’s debit card at two Redding area businesses. Perez was determined to be on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), stemming from two previous theft and fraud related cases in Shasta County. Perez was placed on PRCS in April of 2015 following her release from prison.

Perez’s residence of record was determined to be 14030 Lake Blvd, in the City of Shasta Lake, where she resided with Daniels. On 09/28/2016, Deputy Wiley, deputies with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office AB-109 Team, and officers with the Redding Police Department contacted Perez and Daniels and conducted a probation search at Perez’s residence. During this search, evidence was located that directly linked to the transactions made by Perez and Daniels on Hardcastle’s debit card. In addition, further information was obtained identifying Candice Wade as the individual who stole Hardcastle’s purse from her vehicle at the scene of the traffic collision, and also as the female who called Hardcastle’s family members representing herself as a nurse.

Both Perez and Daniels were arrested without incident and booked at the Shasta County Jail on suspicion of 470PC-Forgery, 459PC-Burglary, 182PC-Criminal Conspiracy, 368(b)(1)PC-Crimes against elder or dependent adults and 530.5PC-Unauthorized use of personal information.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office is still seeking information regarding the whereabouts of Candice Wade. Photos of Perez, Daniels and Wade are attached. Anyone with information regarding this case or the whereabouts of Candace Wade, are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (530)245-6540.