On July 15, 2017, at 11:19 a.m., a Shasta Marina houseboat caught fire while being fueled at the dock.  The guests had just finished taking all their belongings off the houseboat. 

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety deputies responded to the scene finding the houseboat fully involved. 

Cal-Fire and U.S. Forest Service Fire fighters were dispatched to the scene.  U.S. Forest Service Fire fighters arrived on scene first and started fighting the fire from the shore.  Bridge Bay Resort sent a fire boat and chase boat to assist Shasta Marina.  The Bridge Bay Resort fire boat started fighting the fire from the water side.  Due to the houseboat still floating, the houseboat was being pushed by the water being applied to the fire.  The houseboat moved to a little cove and started a small grass fire on shore.  The small grass fire was quickly put out.

 Two Cal-Fire fire boats arrived on scene and started applying more water to put out the flames.  Once the flames were knocked down, The Bridge Bay chase boat pushed the houseboat back to a clear space on shore where the houseboat was tied off and secured to shore.  Cal-Fire and U.S. Forest Service Fire were able to put enough water on the houseboat to put out the flames.

The fire on the houseboat originated in the back of the houseboat.  The potential cause of the fire is under investigation.