Suspect arrested for Intermountain Fairgrounds burglary


    On Thursday, 02/25/16, at approximately 1027 hours, staff from the Intermountain Fairgrounds in McArthur contacted the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office to report a burglary to Ingram Hall. Staff reported an unknown suspect had gained access into the building during the nighttime hours and stole a commercial exercise bike, and attempted to steal an overhead projector. Staff confirmed the building had been locked and secured the night prior.

    During the investigation, drag marks and blood droplets were located leaving the fairgrounds. Deputies followed the drag marks for several hundred yards into the McArthur Mobile Home Park. Deputies found the marks to end at space 24, and observed fresh gouge marks going up the stairs into the front door of the mobile home. Deputies knocked on the door for several minutes to try and make contact with the resident. The manager of the park confirmed the sole resident of the mobile home was Matthew Wyatt Davis (28 years old). Davis was found to have a prior conviction for possessing stolen property. After several more attempts to make contact with Davis with no results, the decision was made to file for a search warrant for the residence.

    A Shasta County Superior Court Search Warrant was later obtained. Deputies on scene executed the search warrant and after forcing entry into the residence, Davis was located and detained without incident. During a search of the residence, the stolen exercise bike was located. Davis was also found to have a fresh injury that required several sutures to one of his hands. Davis was arrested and booked into the Shasta County Jail for commercial burglary and possessing stolen property.

    The owner of the exercise bike confirmed Davis was seen loitering around Ingram Hall the night prior. They also reported to replace the exercise bike would have cost approximately $1,000.00.