The Shasta County Connection—4-4-19

The Exchange Club of Redding held their 46th Annual Peace Officer of the Year Awards event.  This is always a highly anticipated event among Shasta County’s many law enforcement agencies.  It is inspiring to hear the stories of the many recipients and their “above and beyond” efforts as a law enforcement agent.  This year the following were honored:

Anderson Police Department                    Officer Chris Chimenti

California Highway Patrol                        Officer Jason Morton

Cal. Dept. of Corrections                         Officer Parole Agent I Kevin McClure

Redding Police Department                     Officer Travis Braud

Shasta Co. District Attorney                     Investigator Kristy Burns

Shasta Co. Marshall’s Office                     Deputy Dustin Reynolds

Shasta County Probation Dept                 Deputy Probation Officer Christen Rudd

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office                 Sgt. Jerry Fernandez

We all would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the many recipients and our thanks for their service.

The Sheraton Hotel was the site of the Euphrates Gala recently and I attended the organization’s first annual event. There were participants from all over the world, coming together to foster peace and promote support for those in areas of the world that need it. Thank you Henry Cuenca for inviting me for such an inspiring program.  I was very disappointed that this event was the same evening as the event held to honor our local volunteer firefighters. I know that there were many from District 3 in attendance.  I would like to extend my apologies for not being there this year. Again, one of my frustrations as a supervisor is that I often miss events because of events taking place at the same time.  So I would like to extend my appreciation to those acknowledged at that event.  As we experience devastating wildfires, we appreciate your efforts more than ever.

On April Fool’s Day I attended the Burney Fire Safe Council.  I am excited for the Intermountain Area to have such an engaged and ambitious group committed to help reduce the risk of fire in those local communities.  You will be hearing about their many activities in the coming months to bring awareness to making our area safer.  Please put May 13th on your calendar for a meeting scheduled in Burney very similar to our meeting just held in Redding on Reducing the Risk of Wildfire.  Garrett Costello is taking the lead with the Fire Safe Council and we are fortunate to benefit from his talent.

Congratulations to Vikki Baker, a recent Shasta County retiree from the Public Defender’s Office.  Vikki is a Palo Cedro resident and served for 20 years as a Shasta County employee.  The County is so fortunate to have people like Vikki as a public servant and we wish her well on her retirement.

At our Board of Supervisor’s Meeting on April 2nd, we adopted five proclamations.  April is a popular month to recognize many important issues.  The proclamations were for “National Service Recognition Day”, “Crime Victim’s Rights Week” (April 7-13), “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”, “Week of the Young Child” (April 6-13), and “Fair Housing Month”. There are so many people in Shasta County striving to make our local communities a better place to live and raise families.

Of particular interest to me at our BOS meeting, was the annual report to the BOS on the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board.  The department and its advisory board are actively engaged in promoting services for those struggling with mental illness.  Some of the highlights of the report covered their progress to improve the lives of those most vulnerable.  They include a three day Crisis Intervention Team training for law enforcement, the enrollment of 25 people in the Laura’s Law program, a drug and alcohol counselor assigned to identify and link clients coming out of jail to needed services, the formation of a Mobile Crisis Team, and providing support to a local provider for a sobering center.  The issues this board tackles are daunting but have a true impact on the health and well being of Shasta County.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor