The Shasta County Board of Supervisors on Oct. 11, 2011 awarded the contract for construction of the Elk Trail Water Project to TICO Construction Company, Inc. of Palo Cedro, which had submitted the second lowest bid of $7,129,400.  They also denied the protest filed by Sanco Pipelines, Inc. against awarding the bid to TICO Construction and found the low bid submitted by Disney/Springline Joint Venture to be non-responsive.

After the bid opening, Sanco Pipelines, which submitted the third lowest bid, sent the Department of Public Works (DPW) two protest letters—one against awarding the contract to Disney/Springline Joint Venture and one against awarding it to TICO.  Since the Department of Public Works had already determined that Disney/Springline Joint Venture’s bid was non-responsive because it did not contain all required paperwork and failed to demonstrate that the company had five years of experience with work of “similar type and complexity,” the Board did not have to deny that protest.

In its letter about TICO, Sanco Pipelines expressed doubt that TICO could perform 25 percent of the actual work on the project as required by the contract.  In describing the importance of that requirement to the Supervisors, DPW Director Pat Minturn said it is to ensure that the general contractor has “skin in the game.”  Contrary to Sanco’s assertion, the DPW concluded that TICO’s bid indicates it will perform 41 percent of the work.

Minturn also explained to the Board that after the bids had been opened, he received a call from the Environmental Protection Agency, which has awarded an $800,000 grant to the $10 million project, asking why they had not broken such a large project into separate, smaller units.  Minturn said he expects that the EPA will agree to fund the project as it exists, but wanted the Board to know about this latest hitch in the plans.  He said he would call Senator Feinstein’s office to see if she could speed up the process.

Supervisor Leonard Moty said he found the last minute “wrangling” by the federal government “outrageous” and it “ticked him off.”

Supervisor David Kehoe complimented Minturn on his “thoroughness and professionalism” in shepherding this complex project to fruition. Both these statements brought nods of agreement from the Board.