The Shasta County Connection—4-18-19

The last week has flown by and I put many miles on my car to attend several important events.  I want to begin by thanking the Shasta County Public Works Department for inviting me to their Annual Safety Luncheon.  This last year has been an extraordinarily difficult year for everyone because of the fires that burned in the county and the snowfall event around the Redding area that did such extensive damage to tress and shrubs.  Pat Minturn, Public Works Director, has done a great job leading his department through these trying times and I want to thank all the staff for a job well done.

The Big Valley gymnasium was the venue for an Award Ceremony honoring Dr. Dan Dahle as the COUNTRY DOCTOR OF THE YEAR for the entire United States.  I cannot underscore the significance of Dr. Dahle being selected as the 2019 recipient and how beloved he is in the Intermountain Area. Many doctors and health care providers traveled to Big Valley to honor him and it was a true testament as to how highly regarded he is as a practitioner.  Dr. Dahle has treated most everyone in our communities at one time or another, and we all know how fortunate we have been to receive his care.  Congratulations Dr. Dahle.  This is a very well deserved honor.

The Intermountain Cattlewomen hosted this year’s Beef and Brew in McArthur and drew a crowd of about 500 people.  The highly anticipated fundraiser every year was a great evening of good food, beer tasting and an opportunity to visit with friends and neighbors.  Along with other local beef producers, I always cook up three large containers of wild rice chile and offer them as appetizers.  Beef, it’s what’s for dinner……

Our Board of Supervisor’s Meeting had a presentation by the Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District for their Annual Report for 2018.  This district does an excellent job working with the public to mitigate the incidences of mosquitos in Shasta County.  It will be interesting to see, with this incredibly wet year, what the mosquito population will be this summer.  We also adopted a proclamation designating April 14-26 and September 15-27, 2019 as “High School Voter Education Weeks” in Shasta County during the meeting.

The Friends of the Intermountain Library (FOIL) were pleased that the Board voted 5-0 in favor of releasing the $400,000 Hatchet Wind Fund upon completion of the remodel of the Roper building in Burney for their new library.  I look forward to this project being completed and I am especially appreciative of the support from my other four board members who voted in favor of this agenda item.

Dr. Glenda Humiston, Vice President, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, speaks during the 2019 Fire Summit, Vision 20/20: A Fire Resilient California in Redding. Her topic was about building a biomass supply chain. Rickert heard her talk before where she spoke at another conference she attended. At the event, the room was full of stakeholders from across the state who are invested in forest health and how to deal with the 149 million dead and dying trees that span California.

I was only able to attend the opening session of the Fire Summit; Vision 20/20: A Fire Resilient California, held at the Sheraton in Redding.  It was room full of decision makers from throughout California gathered to formulate proactive plans to reduce the size and number of fires we have been experiencing during recent fire seasons.  It was a visionary summit sponsored by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Agency and the California Fire Science Consortium.

The next day I traveled to Yreka to attend the Sustainable Forest Action Coalition and Region 5/6 Forest Service meeting.  The Forest Service has been actively working on gathering data on the social and economic work going on in small, forested communities in northern California. They also covered the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) process.

I continue to meet with various department heads, elected officials, and non-profits about the discussion surrounding the proposed Navigation Center for the homeless in Redding.  Our next board meeting will focus on this topic and if anyone is interested and/or willing to make a public comment, please do join us on April 23rd at 9:00 am in the Board of Supervisor Chambers.  It’s important that we fully vet this subject and come up with an effective plan that can utilize funding the county has available from the state.

Another evening at the Sheraton was the site of the Pillars Society Reception hosted by our local United Way.  It was an evening held to honor those who have volunteered and donated time and treasure for the countless fire victims from the Carr, Delta and Camp Fires.  This organization has had a major collective impact on helping those that have been working through the loss of their homes and businesses.

Yes, the warm weather has finally arrived.  I have been enjoying the wildflowers and hope they stick around for a while.  Shasta County seems to be enjoying its own version of the  “super bloom” in 2019.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor