The Shasta County Connection—5-2-19

Fall River Valley is excited over its new health center, a long-awaited new facility that will offer health and behavioral health services for its residents.  The Open House was attended by many locals who wanted to take a tour of the facility and share in the delight of seeing the center for the first time.  I want to publically express our sincere thanks to Dave Jones, his incredible staff and all those who had a hand in the planning and development of this project.  All of us will benefit from their commitment and vision for years to come.

Meetings continue to happen surrounding a potential center for the homeless that will be located near Redding.  This is a daunting project trying to bring all parties to the table.  Homelessness is a complex issue.  It is spurred by many different reasons and our society as a whole is struggling with this same issue.  Whenever I encounter friends or colleagues from other areas of California they will confirm that their community is also struggling to find answers.  We will have an update from our district Attorney at our May 14th Board meeting as to the progress of the many partners working on this problem.

Another drive to Marysville for a Northern California Water Association Meeting (NCWA) was part of my week’s activities.  The conversation continues to center on water issues, especially clean drinking water, which is a priority for Governor Newsom.  This organization is very proactive about this topic.  Farmers often are not given enough credit for their contributions to enhancing and improving habitat for wildlife and waterfowl.  This organization is on the front line of promoting salmon habitat and providing waterfowl an environment with which to flourish.

I have been assigned as the liaison from the Shasta County Board of Supervisors to sit on the Shasta County Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board (MHADAB).  Our meeting on May 1st was extremely informative and encouraging.  We received presentations on an organization called Groups, which provides treatment and support services for people with opiate drug addictions.  This is definitely a needed service for Shasta County.  We also received a presentation on the Crisis Residential Facility at Shasta County Mental Health.  There was also very encouraging news with a dedicated staff to serve the needs of the mentally ill in this 15-bed facility.  They often receive referrals from hospitals and psychiatric facilities and provide treatment for people for up to 30 days.  Their beds are full and they have a waiting list.  We need more facilities to handle the demand.  Interestingly enough, many of the residents are older, homeless and without family connections.  We are fortunate to have this facility in Shasta County.

May 13-17 has been declared the Intermountain Mental Health Week.  There are activities during the entire week and I would encourage people to contact Carrie Jo at for more information.  The lists of programs include Mental Health First Aid Training, Resilience, the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, and Hope is Alive, Open Mic.  It should be a very informative week for anyone interested in mental health and even residents of Bella Vista and Palo Cedro should feel free to join in the activities.

Congratulations to Sharon Hanson, from Fall River Valley, for her recent appointment to the Shasta County Public Health Advisory Board as the District 3 Appointee.  Sharon will serve the district well and everyone is pleased to welcome her on the board.

Be sure you put May 13th on your calendar for the Burney Fire Safe Council Meeting at 5:30 at the Vet’s Hall in Burney.  There will be much valuable information presented at that meeting on how to harden your home and create defensible space on your property.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor