The Shasta County Connection — 2-21-19

This February will be a memorable one for sure.  The Shasta County was hit hard with snowfall, the worst in 50 years.  The trees and bushes could not withstand the snow and the subsequent rainfall after the snow.  In the Intermountain area, we are accustomed to snow and our resilient environment isn’t impacted like the Redding area has been.  Well over 80,000 people suffered power outages, with many not getting their power restored for a week.  On our ranch near Anderson, it was a full week without power and we lost an incredible number of trees.  It has been heartbreaking to see all the damage in District 3.  I drove around many of the back roads and was amazed at the amount of damage.  The good news is that I confirmed with our sheriff and undersheriff that there were no fatalities directly caused by this storm.  Chain saws will be busy for years to come.  This event also reminds us of the need to be prepared in case of a weather-related event to have supplies on hand.

The Shasta Livestock Auction Yard was the site of the recent Winter Ag Meeting hosted by the University Cooperative Service and many local businesses.  There was a presentation was made by the new UCCE Beef Cattle Extension Veterinarian, Dr. Gabriele Maier.  Her topic covered effective deworming treatment in cattle and was very interesting.  We also had Mr. Allan Fulton give a presentation on the Sites Reservoir in terms of the timeline and function of the proposed dam project.  It was as a surprise to many that the project could take 10-20 years to complete if final approval ever materializes.  Government projects are a slow process.  Brad Peek spoke about a new verification of marketing Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) through the Shasta Livestock Auction Yard.  We also heard from UC Cooperative Extension agents, Larry Forero and Josh Davy about feeding ionophores to growing cattle on rangeland.  All in all, a very informative evening for cattle producers.

On February 19, 2019, the Board of Supervisors met to adopt a resolution, which ratifies the Shasta County Director of Emergency Services’ February 13, 2019 proclamation of a local emergency due to the February 2019 winter storms, subject to the requirement of and in accordance with Government Code Section 8630.  Again, this resolution was as a result of the heavy snowfall the Redding area received and all the subsequent damage that occurred.

I participated in a conference call as a new board member for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, representing the North Sub-region.  I look forward to serving in this capacity, especially during these times of severe fire hazard for the State of California.  The Conservancy’s goals are to help restore, protect and conserve the region’s very diverse natural resources.

I hope everyone has a good week.  I know those in the Redding area will continue to try and rebound and rebuild from this unusual storm.  Please be careful and good luck getting your life back to normal.

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Mary Rickert — Shasta County, District 3 Supervisor