The Shasta County Connection–11-7-19

If you see a “scruffy” bearded sheriff’s deputy, give them a high-five. Undersheriff Eric Magrini is leading a fundraiser for the Shasta County Special Olympics by promoting a beard-growing contest among the Sheriff’s department during the month of November. Supervisor’s Baugh, Chimenti, and I have already committed $100 each, challenging Eric Magrini to lead the charge with growing a beard himself. This will be fun and for such a great cause. If anyone is interested in donating, go online to donate at

Congratulations to Fall River Valley native, Megan Dahle, for successfully being elected to the California State Assembly. It is important that we have people in the state legislature that understand rural needs and concerns and we are fortunate too have Megan serving in this capacity. Best wishes Megan as you assume your new position.

The formation of the Shasta County Fire Safe Council continues to move forward. State paperwork requirements are a slow and tedious process, but the Council is gaining momentum and I am hoping within 4-6 months we can have a functioning Council. We continue to have more stakeholders coming forward who want to be a part of assisting with funding and collaborating with the Council to make it become successful. I will continue to keep you updated as to the progress of the formation of the Council.

I traveled to Knight’s Landing for my most recent Northern California Water Association (NCWA) meeting. Rice and nut tree harvest is about completed in the northern Sacramento Valley. With no rain in the forecast, concerns of a dry year ahead of us was already a topic of discussion.

The Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board meeting, where I serve as the liaison from the Board of Supervisors, provided a wealth of information. I have always been a great believer in being proactive with at-risk youth in preventing them from a life long history of criminal behavior. The County has a program called the Integrated Wellness Program, which collaborates with the Juvenile Court system and tries to intervene with a wellness program, which includes the families. The program encourages the young person to complete their high school education, participate in positive prosocial activities and remain free from harmful substance abuse. If we are ever going to make any progress with our addiction and homeless problems in Shasta County, we need to focus on the youth and deter behaviors, which ultimately lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The month of November gives our Board of Supervisors the opportunity to honor our veterans with “Veterans Awareness Week.” Supervisor Steve Morgan from District 4 served our country during the Vietnam War and we are proud to have him adopt this resolution each year. So, thank you to all servicemen and women who have served our country. We are deeply indebted to your sacrifices.

The first BOS meeting of the month always means we get to honor the Employee of the Month. This November we honored Shasta County Health and Human Services Staff Analyst, Denise Boehle. Denise works in the foster care system and is revered by her co-workers. She was responsible for the implementation of the Binti web-based system, which tracks the Resource families and allows better access to applications and forms for families who may want to be a part of the foster system. Congratulations Denise and thank you for a job well done.

As one of the Consent Calendar Items, we reappointed Abe Hathawy, Chad Arsenaeu and Walt Caldwell to the Burney Basin Mosquito Abatement District Board of Trustees to serve two-year terms that will expire January 3, 2022. Thank you Abe, Chad, and Walt for your service.

With the retirement of Director Terri Morelock from the Shasta County Department of Child Support Services, the BOS appointed Ms. Laura Burch as the new director. Laura has been serving as the Shasta County Housing Director for this past year. We have complete confidence in Laura that she will do an excellent job in her new position. She has had a long and very productive history of working with Shasta County in more than one department and her leadership skills will fit well in this new role.

I’m sure everyone is interested in how the Board has decided to move forward with selecting a new sheriff to replace retiring Sheriff Tom Bosenko. State law does not authorize the County to hold a special election and the Board is mandated to appoint a successor. We have decided, in the interest of transparency, to open up the position for applicants, who meet the minimum requirements, and then hold a public interview process. The sheriff’s position is an extremely important decision and we want to be sure that all options be vetted before a final decision is made. Public safety continues to be a number one issue with the Board and we want to make the best decision possible for the citizens of Shasta County. I will keep you updated as to the timeline of this process.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert,
District 3
Shasta County Supervisor