The Shasta County Connection—6-5-19

Last week I spent a few hours on the road traveling to Sonora for a special meeting of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for the Rim Fire Resilience Tour.  There were several environmental organizations that joined the SNC Board of Directors for this tour to discuss current conditions and restoration needs in the Rim Fire burn area.  This tour gave us the opportunity to better understand forest restoration and succession after a devastating wildfire.  It was amazing country and the 2013 Rim Fire was one of the most devastating California has seen.  Over 257,000 acres were destroyed, with the Stanislaus National Forest and the Yosemite National Park being impacted the most by this fire.  I was pleased to hear about the grant projects that are being implemented and the fuel reduction and prescription fire projects that are underway.

It was another glorious day for the 72nd annual Fall River Airport Day.  A good crowd enjoyed the many planes that flew in from other areas and it gave everyone a chance to enjoy the great pancake breakfast, served by the Citizen’s Patrol and the Eastern Flying Posse.  We are fortunate we have a local airport for the Intermountain Area that helps with tourism and provides some economic benefits to the community.

It was encouraging when I attended a water meeting in Willows and listened to a presentation by the Department of Water Resources.  The last three out of four years have had above average rainfall and the water tables have been on the rise in the northern Sacramento Valley basins.  Water will continue to be a big issue for California and I am hopeful that the precipitation totals continue to exceed the normal range to recharge our aquifers and increase our water tables.

There was a meeting held at the Redding Library hosted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on June 4th.  I attended most of the meeting and listened intently to see if there has been any progress made on how to monitor and track the expanding wolf population in northern California.  This is an issue that will continue to become more of a problem for ranchers in the north state. I am hoping that the conversations will continue as to how wolves and livestock can co-exist. Because of the laws in California protecting wolves, solutions are needed to monitor and mitigate the interaction of wolves and livestock.

Shasta County’s Employee of the Month was Lt. Gene Randall from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department.  Lt. Randall has personally helped me with issues during my tenure as a supervisor and he is truly deserving of this recognition.  He goes above and beyond to help citizens and was lauded for his diligence and leadership guiding the Coroner’s Office for the department.

Our Board of Supervisor’s adopted a proclamation designating the week of June 10th-14th as Employee Appreciation Week for Shasta County Employees.  Shasta County currently employs 2,020 employees offering services on many different levels.  I am very appreciative of the efforts and dedication that Shasta County employees exhibit.  There will be two events in Redding and Burney to celebrate the week.

The Board also adopted a proclamation for June 15th, 2019 as Elder Abuse Awareness Day in Shasta County, accepted by the Health and Human Services Agency-Adult Services and the District Attorney’s office.  The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) and partner agencies have taken action to raise awareness of the need to prevent elder abuse.  It is important to provide and maintain social supports for the elderly so they can live as independently as is possible.

Our Board meeting concluded with the Fiscal Year 2019-20 Budget hearings.  The recommended budget totals $494,558,584, a small increase from the previous year’s budget.  Public Safety uses almost 63% of the revenue generated, with social services following with about 13% of the budget.  The recommended General Fund Budget is $85.5 million.  As one can surmise, most of the revenue comes from state and federal sources and are mandated as how the funds can be spent.

The heat has arrived and we are all preparing for the predicted hot summer weather.  The lightning and thunderstorms were amazing the last few weeks, but it looks as though we are about to settle into a hot, dry weather pattern. I hope everyone has a good week.

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Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor