The Shasta County Connection—1-31-19

It’s been a pleasant week, much nicer than other parts of the nation are experiencing.  I have relatives in Minnesota and it has been brutally cold in the mid-west.  The days are getting longer and the grass is beginning to grow in the areas around Redding.  That’s encouraging for those of us who want the grass to grow so our cattle will have a decent feed year.

Montgomery Creek was the location of a Scoping Meeting I attended for the proposed Fountain Wind Project. There were about 150 local residents in attendance with approximately 20 people stepping up to the microphone to express their concerns about the proposed project.  This meeting was focused on any potential environmental impact this project would have for the residents of Montgomery Creek, Moose Camp and Round Mountain and the surrounding areas.  The project proposes to be constructed on an area of 30,532 acres of land owned by Shasta Cascades Timberlands, LLC.  If anyone is interested, please look up the information on the following link:  https//

I listened in on the conference call “meeting” of the Burney-Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group (BHCCFWG) while on the road.  It is always interesting to hear about all the projects under way in the Intermountain Area.  Updates on the progress for possible biomass facilities and studies on local fires and the subsequent growth patterns of vegetation were just some of the topics covered.

It was rewarding to hear the speeches of the local school winners this year at the VFW Post 5689 event in Burney. It was encouraging to know that we have young people that still respect our democracy and care enough to enter in the Voice of Democracy competition.  Also recognized were the Teacher of the year, Jenny Arseneau, Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Nicolas Tepley, EMT of the Year, Theresa Laughlin and Firefighter of the Year, Rick Thompson.  It was a pleasant evening and a good opportunity to visit with many folks from Burney.

The Mayers Intermountain Healthcare Foundation held their annual Chocolate Festival.  This was definitely not an event to miss. There are always great chocolate desserts to sample and bid on delicious items for a very good cause.  Marlene McArthur and Barbara Spaulding outdid themselves this year.  It was fun to share Elsie Matthews’ scrumptious cookies with everyone at the county office prior to our Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

It was enlightening to attend the ACE’s Quarterly Luncheon to get updated on the progress of the program.  The ACE Study was a combined effort between Kaiser Permanente in San Diego and the Center for Disease Control.  This study was able to find a correlation between early life experiences and poor health outcomes such as obesity, substance abuse and heart disease. ACE’s stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the 10 ACE’s fall in three categories, Abuse, Neglect and Household Dysfunction.  Social issues like incarceration, homelessness and substance abuse is also connected with higher ACE scores.  If any organization in District 3 has an interest in having a presentation made on ACE’s, please contact me.  I can get you connected with Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency for a trained presenter to put on a workshop.

A Proclamation was presented to the Shasta County Coroner’s Office for Coroner and Medicolegal Death Investigator Appreciation Week.  The Coroner’s Office provides an important service for the communities in Shasta County by investigating deaths and responding with compassion and professionalism.   They also responded and provided support to the Redding Community suffering from the devastation and loss of life in the Carr Fire and to Butte County during the Camp Fire.  Our thanks for their service and the difficult job they perform.

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Mary Rickert — Shasta County, District 3 Supervisor