The Shasta County Connection—3-8-19

On March 1, 2019, the Annual Northern California Water Association (NCWA) held a meeting at the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Excellent speakers covered a myriad of topics.  Bryce Lundberg, Chairman of the NCWA Board of directors, kept the meeting lively.  The priorities of reactivating floodplains and emphasizing multiple benefits for water management were the headlines for the meeting.  It was interesting to listen to the recently appointed California Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency.  Secretary Wade Crowfoot had some encouraging words from this new administration as to the desire to work closely with agriculture.  I’m cautiously optimistic.

As the newly appointed liaison to the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board, I attended a session for new board member orientation.  The presentations by the members of the department were very informative.  Methamphetamine continues to be the most widely used illegal substance in Shasta County, followed by alcohol and heroin.  Opioids have decreased in use, however, the increase in heroin indicated that those previously abusing opioids have transitioned to using heroin.  Needless to say, substance use in Shasta County is entirely too common and adversely effects the family unit and our quality of life.

Our Shasta County Air Pollution Control Board meeting was held prior to our regular Board of Supervisor’s Meeting.  These meetings are always short in duration. We followed with a regularly scheduled board meeting.  The first order of business was to honor our March 2019 Shasta County Employee of the Month, Cara Schuler.  Cara has served as the Executive Assistant of the Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency.  Cara has performed her duties for this position and we want to congratulate her for this well deserved recognition.

March is also “Grand Jury Awareness Month” in Shasta County.  I would encourage anyone that might be interested in serving on the Grand Jury to please contact them.  Recruitment is in progress.  It’s an excellent opportunity to give back to your community by providing oversight to ensure that local government operates with efficiency and integrity.  Three recent volunteers from the Intermountain Area, Billie Bob Estes, Katherine Ann Campbell and Kris Hathaway have volunteered their time and expertise to serve the county.

The final agenda item for our board meeting was the dismissal of an appeal, which will allow for the construction of a new Grocery Outlet to be built in Burney.  It should provide more shopping options for Intermountain Area residents.

It was an historic meeting for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy.  As a current board member, I was present at a meeting in Cameron Park to have the privilege of being part of a record amount of dollars awarded to grant recipients for their current round of applications.  A total of $11,830,163 was awarded for 21 successful applicants.  Many of these projects will enable local communities to perform much needed fuel reduction projects, increase forestry workforce training, and restoration projects in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  We also had a presentation from County Supervisor Doug Teeter, from Paradise, about his very terrifying personal experience during the Camp Fire.  He also lost his home and he shared many personal videos from that disastrous fire, including one of his own home burning.  It was a very powerful presentation.

As a result of the many fires form 2018, I asked for the assistance of our local Farm Advisor, Larry Forero, and we will be holding a workshop held on March 26 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Shasta County Board of Supervisor’s Chambers. The topic will be “Reducing Risk from Wildfire” and we will have speakers cover defensible space maintenance, planning your clearing costs, how to harden your home to fire and insurance issues in a fire prone area. I certainly hope to see many of you there.  There are steps we can take to protect our homes and property and education is part of developing a fire safe environment.

Another reminder is the 2019 Palo Cedro Park Wine and Dine on March 16th from 5:30-10:00 pm at Mercy Oaks in Redding.  I am hoping for another successful event to help support the Palo Cedro Community Park.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor