The Shasta County Connection—2-28-19

Another round of winter storms has hit Shasta County.  It has been a long February in terms of wet weather, flooding, more power outages and wind.  I know this February has been one for the record books.  Releases from Shasta Lake have the Sacramento River overflowing its banks downstream.  We look forward to warmer weather and blue skies.

The Lincoln-Reagan Dinner was just held at the Riverview Country Club and featured Assemblyman Brian Dahle and Congressman Doug LaMalfa as the speakers.  Their insights and observations of state and national politics were informative.  Brian Dahle is currently running for State Senate in a special election.

After the first meeting being postponed by adverse weather conditions, the McArthur Winter Ag Meeting was held.  There was good information from the Shasta County Department of Agriculture reviewing all regulations and procedures needed to follow for spraying agricultural fields.  The average citizen is not aware of the very complicated steps a farmer is mandated to follow to operate their equipment.  Break out sessions on spray equipment and how to manage weeds in grass and alfalfa fields were an important part of the program.  Thanks to UC Cooperative Extension Agent Larry Forero for organizing such a productive meeting.

The Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) board meeting was held and we welcomed three new board members.  A discussion was held of proposed Sunday transportation options so people can access transportation for Sunday services, employment commitments and other transportation needs.  The proposed transportation option for bus service from Redding to Sacramento, with connections to Chico, is still a possibility.  The timeline looks as though it could take anywhere from six months to a year to become a reality if the project moves forward.

The 21st Annual Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Staff Recognition Ceremony was held in the Shasta County Board of Supervisor’s Chambers.  The new hires were introduced, those who have been promoted, and those who have received longevity awards were honored.  From the Intermountain Area, Deputy Timothy Estes was recognized for 10 years of service based in the Burney substation.  The Deputy of the Year from the Burney Division was Deputy Nicolas Tepley.  I want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of those who serve with the Sheriff’s department to protect the residents of Shasta County.

I wanted to share information from a brief conversation that I had with Captain Dave Kent who runs the jail.  I was pleased to hear of his observation that the expansion of an additional 102 beds in the jail has made a difference.  The staff is able to detain more inmates who have been incarcerated for longer periods of time.  Word on the street is that it is no longer a “catch and release” system and is seemingly making an impression with offenders as a deterrent.

At our most recent Board of Supervisor’s meeting, we adopted proclamations, which designated March 3-9 as “Consumer Protection Week” in Shasta County and February 2019 as “2-1-1 Awareness Month” in Shasta County.  We also appointed Mr. Ken Burns to the Millville Masonic and Odd Fellow Cemetery District Board of Trustees.


One bit of good news was the State of California is going to reimburse the county for any lost revenue for property taxes as a result of the Carr Fire.  The fire was not only a catastrophic event for the county, but also impacted our finances.

The board approved and authorized the chairman to sign the Homeless Emergency Aid Program, which allows for funding to be received from the State of California to help address homeless issues in Shasta County.  I am hoping that this will be the beginning of some progress to help alleviate the homeless situation in the county.

If you any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor