The Shasta County Connection—9-12-19

Fall is in the air.  When it starts to get into the ’40s at night in the Intermountain Area, I know it’s time to bring out the winter comforter.  I’m not sure what happened to summer, it flew by rapidly, and for the most part, it was not a summer of brutal heat spells.  We are not out of the woods, so to speak, in regards to fire danger, however.  Seems like there have been a number of fires the last few weeks, all contained in a rapid time frame. Thanks again to our first responders and volunteer firefighters.  We rely on your selflessness to protect us and our property.

Jim and I attended the Back to Our Roots/Informational Barbecue, a fundraiser for the Roots School Farm, a group that is organizing to develop a school that includes as part of their curriculum having the students work with animals and plants.  With my background, I consider this endeavor to be a great idea.  Our youth need to learn the value of hard work and how to get their hands dirty.  I see many in the next generation as out of touch with food production and an appreciation for nature.  This program would give parents the opportunity to educate their children with a curriculum that includes learning by using their hands and their head.  It was a great BBQ and dance held at the Ross Ranch.

I stopped in for a very tasty breakfast at the Whitmore Community Center on September 8th.  There was a huge selection of food items to choose from and I appreciate the community spirit that Whitmore shows when they host an event such as this.  I had a nice visit with local resident Chris Withey, who is actively involved in volunteerism in Whitmore.  He is quite committed to the betterment of his community and we should all follow his example.

September 10th was the Redding Rancheria State of the Tribe event at Win-River.  The Redding Rancheria has done much to work with their youth, contribute to local causes and organizations and provide jobs and economic development in Shasta County.  The Board of Supervisors appreciated the invitation and the opportunity to be updated on all the work the tribe is doing.

I attended the public meeting for Round Mountain, Moose Camp and Montgomery Creek residents concerned about the proposed Fountain Wind Project.  Since I am unable to express the merits of the proposal I was there to listen to the many concerns the residents had.  They were very gracious to me and I appreciate their understanding of the constraints I am under as a supervisor while I am in the “information gathering” process.

The 16th annual Shasta County Community Health Awards ceremony, sponsored by the Shasta County Public Health Advisory Board, was recently held at the Holiday Inn.  This year’s program highlighted the efforts being made to prevent harmful substance use in our various communities.  Again, as I have stated before, substance use seems to be at the root cause of many of our social issues.  I was pleased to listen to Dr. Mark Greenberg to speak on addiction.  Dr. Greenberg has a very engaging personality and presents the complexities of addiction in a rather simple manner for laypeople like myself to understand.  Education on this topic is very important, as addiction continues to be a huge problem in Shasta County.  It was a pleasure to see Sharon Hanson, PA, from Fall River Valley and a member of the Shasta County Public Health Advisory Board at the luncheon. Sharon is doing an excellent job of representing the Intermountain Area on the board.

Another reminder for the upcoming 2019 Palo Cedro Honey Bee Festival on September 21st and 22nd.  The two days begin at 8:00 am with Pancake Breakfasts launching each day’s activities.  I particularly enjoy the tractor parade. There will be lots of booths to visit and food vendors.  I hope to see all of you there.

Our weekly board meeting was very long this past week.  We honored September’s Employee of Month, Ashley Saelee from Shasta County Child Support Services.  Ashley was the co-creator of a course for effective communications, among many other contributions to the department.  Congratulations Ashley for receiving this very coveted award.

The majority of the discussion at our board meeting centered around the Special Public Safety Transactions and Use Tax the county is working on to support public safety purposes.  This sales tax initiative is planned to be on the March 3, 2020, ballot and gives the residents of the entire county to voice their opinion as to whether they want to support increasing revenue to expand the number of deputies, increase jail capacity and allocate funding for those departments directly associated with public safety.  The entire board is wanting this proposed tax increase to be as transparent as possible.  It will include an oversight committee and regular audits.  I look at it as possibility for the people to speak and make their feelings known as to how they feel about the option of a sales tax increase.  I respect the process and the will of the people will determine the outcome.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor