In fire emergencies such as the devastating and tragic wildfires in California, accurate, timely information is critical.
USGS “On Fire” 

By Judy La Russa,

On June 11, 2019, Tomas Twist,  an influential part of the Shingletown Fire Safe Council (SFSC) stood before the Board of Supervisors to talk about a pilot project to be considered for fire prevention in our remote rural areas using Tri-Max—a compressed gas foam firefighting system; and SR-7 Versi—a robotic visualization that uses thermal cameras and the analysis of thermal and conventional images, radars, sensors, and communication systems.

Thomas Twist speaks to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors

The SR-7 Versi technology works continuously and autonomously 24 hours a day without human intervention and permits the early detection of the source of the fire and its posterior tracking. This equipment could possibly be installed on existing towers potentially cutting costs.

The surveillance system is operative both for short and long distances and under adverse weather conditions, including at night. Once the detection, visualization and tracking of these objectives have been confirmed by the system, the information is then sent to the control station to be analyzed. Link more information on the Versi System by SR-7

Twist informed the Board of Supervisors why Shingletown area is an important site for this project — Highway 44 through Shingletown, Inwood, and Viola has been identified as the state’s number one fire prevention project in CalFire’s 45-day report presented to the governor. As well as Shingletown being located on a long section of ridge that is geographically changeling. Link to Question and Answers on the Project

After Twist explain to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors the benefits on this life safety presentation, he asked for a letter of support as the committee seeks funding for this pilot project.

The Board all agree in support of the program.   Supervisor Baugh will continue talks with PG&E on this matter.

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