Shasta and Trinity County Non-Profits Benefit from Grants of the Redding Rancheria Community Fund


The Redding Rancheria Community Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation is pleased to announce their Fall 2015 grant awards totaling $103,474 for local organizations in Shasta and Trinity Counties. Over twenty different projects were supported – some of which include providing winter boots and jackets to children in the Intermountain area, purchasing new gear for firefighters in Happy Valley, and providing technological, cultural and safety improvements to local schools.

For a complete listing, please review the table below. Grants made since the inception of the Redding Rancheria Community Fund in 2002 now total $2,535,789.

1 Burney Elementary School
To update the library with newer books $5,500.00
2 Burney Elementary School
To purchase five, 3 step coral risers $4,500.00
3 Burney Jr. Sr. High School
Purchase computers and related equipment to create a parent/student center $6,000.00
4 California Heritage YouthBuild Academy
To purchase ChromeBooks $3,400.00
5 Cottonwood Community Park
To add recreation equipment to the park $3,200.00
6 Fall River Elementary
Purchase Chromebooks $3,600.00
7 Fall River Elementary
To purchase 20 cots $1,011.00
8 Fall River Elementary School
Fund costs associated with Turtle Bay Field Trip $1,600.00
9 Fall River Joint Unified School District
Repair and replace student instruments and cases $4,000.00
10 Fall River Joint Unified School District
Purchase new podium and chairs $5,000.00
11 Fall River Joint Unified School District
Purchase 8 video surveillance cameras and related equipment $3,137.00
12 Gateway Unified School District
For supplies to support Native students in music, regalia, transportation, projects and documentation $9,978.00
13 Great Shasta Rail Trail Association
To purchase office equipment $1,500.00
14 Happy Valley Fire Protection District
To replace three sets structure gear for firefighters $6,108.00
15 Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Dept.
Build a structure for a standby generator $3,800.00
16 Intermountain Youth Sports
Fund uniforms for AAU basketball teams $4,075.00
17 Mt. Burney Center Special Education Center
To refurbish the playground for moderate/severe disabled students $10,000.00
18 Saint Joseph School
Purchase STEM equipment & kits $2,500.00
19 Shasta County Health & Human Services
To support homeless clients with various supplies $5,508.00
20 Shasta Fire Department Purchase water rescue and communications equipment $5,000.00
21 Shasta High School
To purchase electronics kits for STEM advanced robotics classes $2,500.00
22 Shasta Historical Society
To digitalize, preserve, and protect recordings $9,557.00
23 Word of Life Assembly of God
To purchase winter boots and jackets for elementary school children in the Intermountain Area. $2,000.00

TOTAL $103,474.00

For more information regarding the Redding Rancheria Community Fund please contact Amanda Hutchings at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation at 530-244-1219.