The Shasta County Connection—3-28-19

Congratulations to the Burney Fire Protection District for another great annual dinner.  The food was provided by the Burney Lions organization and was excellent.  We all appreciated their efforts in providing us with such a tasty meal.  The recipient of the 2018 EMT of the Year was Matthew Walsh, the 2018 Firefighter of the year was Robert May and the 2018 Distinguished Service Award recipient was presented to Captain Courtney Cleckler for his service and support during 2018.  Last year was a difficult fire year and several members of the Burney Fire Department assisted with both the Carr Fire and the Camp Fire.  Burney is proud of your heroic efforts, helping other communities in their time of crisis.

A lengthy Board of Supervisor’s meeting was held on March 26, 2019.  We started the meeting by adopting a proclamation, which designates April 2019 as “Child Abuse Prevention Month” in Shasta County.  Everyone in their local communities should become more aware of child abuse and neglect, and consider helping parents and caregivers raise their children in a safe and nurturing environment.  It has been proven scientifically that there is a direct link between child abuse, resulting in a much greater risk for substance abuse, criminal behavior, suicide, eating disorders, smoking and premature death from chronic disease, cancer and other serious illnesses in later life.  I would like to extend my thanks to the many organizations that foster healthy activities for children that exist in our local communities.

The BOS received a presentation from our Public Health Director, Terri Fields Hosler about the measles case in Shasta County.  The County is trying to alert the general public as to the locations where the infected person was while ill.  The measles virus is highly contagious and new cases are surfacing nation wide.  Interestingly enough, for those of us born prior to 1957, we are considered immune from measles.  I know I certainly remember being about 6 years old and very sick with the measles.  It is not a pleasant experience and can be dangerous for pregnant women and infants to contract the illness.

A presentation made by California Conservation Manager, Chantz Joyce of the American Forest Foundation outlined fuel reductions projects available.  He stated that there are currently $9 million dollars in grants available from Cal Fire in Shasta County.

Our Reducing Risk from Wildfire workshop was held at the Board of Supervisor Chambers.  I would especially like to thank UC Cooperative Extensive Agent Larry Forero and our County Administrative Officer, Larry Lees, for their part in making this workshop a success.  I would also like to thank our excellent speakers, Kari Haley from Haley Insurance, Nick Wallingford from Cal Fire, Kelli England from Western Shasta RCD, Rick Satomi from Shasta/Trinity/Siskiyou UCCE, and Professor Leimone Waite from Shasta College.  There were about 100 people in attendance and I received many positive comments about how educational the event was for them.  Please look for an additional announcement of a similar event to be held Burney in the next several weeks.  I would like to encourage everyone interested in how to harden your home and create effective defensible space on your property to please attend.

If any of you have a question, please contact me at

Mary Rickert

District 3, Shasta County Supervisor