On May 18, 2017, Redding Christian School presented high school awards and scholarships at their annual assembly.

Anderson Rotary Club representative Mike Lynch poses with recipients Katalina Tate and Mariah Lynch.


Anderson Rotary Club representative MikeLynch presented two scholarships to Katalina Tate—$1,000 and Mariah Lynch—$2,000.  The Rotary Club has presented over $28,000 in scholarships this year. 

Simpson University representative Austin McFadden (far right) and Molly (far left) poses with scholarship recipients Austin McFadden, Keoni Lynam and Noah Vickery.


Simpson University representatives Austin McFadden and Molly announced three students attending the college next year and their scholarship awards.   Noah Vickery—$5750-Academic; Tatum Piper—$9,000-Provost; and Keoni Lynam—$9,000-Provost. 

Blood Source representative Cristy Kidd presents Claire Williamson a $500 scholarship check.


Blood Source representative Cristy Kidd presented Claire Williamson a scholarship of $500.





Annual Redding Christian Staff Recognition Awards

eacher Subject Student
Miss Hoyt English 10 Annika Wood
Miss Hoyt Government Jake Standifer
Miss Hoyt Economics Samara Lino
Miss Hoyt World History Abigail Stahl
Mr. Berry Bible 11 Keely Yeager
Mrs. Bigelow Algebra 1 Madi Garber
Mrs. Bigelow Algebra 2 Isaiah VanDenend
Mr. Baumann Instrumental Music Jerry Zhuo
Mr. Baumann Vocal Music Peyton Black
Mr. Baumann Excellence in Performing Arts Claire Williamson
Mrs. Cathey Pre-Calculus Brian Rogers
Mrs. Cathey AP-Calculus Samara Lino
Mrs. Cathey Geometry Tim Chao
Mrs. Cathey Algebra 1A Jaanvi Patel
Mrs. DiGiuseppe Yearbook Abby Griffith
Miss Henry Bible 9 Katey Burgess
Miss Henry Bible 10 Annika Wood
Miss Henry Bible 11 Joshua Coxey
Miss Henry Bible 12 Elizabeth Chan
Mr. Keepers Anatomy Natalie Kyle
Mr. Keepers Biology Courtney Jones
Mr. Keepers College Biology Keoni Lynam
Mr. Keepers Chemistry Abigail Pearson
Mr. Keepers Physics Albert Zhang
Mrs. King English 9 Tim Chao
Mrs. King English 11 Brian Rogers
Mrs. King English 12 Elizabeth Chan
Mr. Moore 2D Art Brayden McGhee
Mr. Moore 3D Art Annika Wood
Mr. Moore 2D Art Taylor Keepers
Mr. Moore 3D Art Jacob Johnson
Mr. Piper Outstanding Female Athlete                                                  Livi Lindsey
Mr. Piper Outstanding Male Athlete                                                  Brian Rogers
Mr. Piper 4-Sport Athlete Brian Rogers
Mr. Piper 4-Sport Athlete Philip Dinius
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Keoni Lynam
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Tyler Opdyke
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Sam Standifer
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Josh Flaherty
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Livi Lindsey
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Kailen Mangu
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Elena Abersold
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Claire Williamson
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Emily Kyle
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Jared Smith
Mr. Piper 3-Sport Athlete Tristan Pantha
Mr. Schneck Geography Jake Willis
Mr. Schneck US History Sam Johnson
Mr. Schneck Administration of Justice Miguel Hernandez
Mr. Steffen AP-Statistics Elizabeth Chan
Mrs. Webb Spanish 1 Annika Wood
Mrs. Webb Spanish 2 Isaiah VanDenend
Mrs. Webb Spanish 3 Livi Lindsey
Mrs. Webb Spanish 3 Lisa Manning
Mrs. King SOTQ 9F Selena Tate
Mrs. King SOTQ 9M Timothy chao
Mrs. King SOTQ 10F Olivia Sladek
Mrs. King SOTQ 10M
Mrs. King SOTQ 11F Naomi Mansfield
Mrs. King SOTQ 11M Jordan Petersen
Mrs. King SOTQ 12F Summer DiGiuseppe
Mrs. King SOTQ 12M Jerry Zhuo


On June 1, Redding Christian Class of 2017 will be graduating with Elizabeth Chan as their Valedictorian and Katalina Tate Salutatorian.