Pacific Gas and Electric Company PE&E has closed its Kilarc Reservoir (forebay) due to damage to the Kilarch Canal sustained during the winter and sprint storms. While PG&E is exploring short and long term options to restore water to the canal and forebay, the engineering, regulatory approvals and actual repairs may take several more weeks even for a temporary remedy.

In the meantime, the reservoir water levels are dropping, creating a muddy shoreline that could collapse or pose a hazard when walking upon. As the water temperature warms, there is the potential for harmful algae that can be toxic to pets. For public safety, PG&E has closed the reservoir and the PG&E property surrounding it to public access.

There are other fishing opportunities a Lake Nora, Lake Britton and numerous streams in the area. Calfornia Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is not stocking Kilarc Reservoir and will not allow fish to be relocated due to the potential for negatively impacting native species.

PG&E will provide updates at